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Urinal Repair Tacoma


It is quite common for urinals to break down at odd hours and cause inconvenience. In order to deal with the situation, you need to hire expert professionals for urinal repair in Tacoma, WA area. You can count on the services and assistance of Beacon Plumbing when you require urinal repair the most. We replace urinal with a new one, wherever needed.

Hire us for urinal repair if you want:

  • Immediate assistance
  • Properly done work
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Since we have a strong and experienced team of technicians and plumbers, we can also handle your new urinal installation project extremely well. Give us a call to know more about urinal repair charges.

Urinals Tacoma


Get the broken urinals repaired in your Tacoma commercial establishment at the earliest by hiring us. Broken urinals work as deterrents for the clients and give employees the reason to complain. Thus, malfunctioning urinals around Tacoma should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Major leaks can lead to shutting down of entire bathrooms, which no residential or commercial property owner would want. We offer urinal repair services from the most common issues to the rarest of problems.

Urinal repair is needed when there are:

  • Leaks
  • Clogged urinal drain holes
  • Consistent water flow
  • Odd noises
  • Low water pressure when the toilet is flushed
  • Strong, reoccurring odors

Clogged urinal or cracked urinal needs immediate attention and if you ignore these issues, they would grow up to be a major one.

New Urinal Installation Tacoma


When you hire us for new urinal installation in Tacoma community, we will do an excellent job. Most of the times by doing the urinal repair the problem is resolved. However, often times, it is not an option to repair urinals. The only way out is a new urinal installation in the bathroom.

You may also need new urinal installation if you are building a new residential or commercial space. Options like wall mounted toilet and waterless urinal are in huge demand these days. New urinal installation with any of these options would prove beneficial for you.

We do new urinal installation at:

  • Shopping complex
  • Restaurant, banquet hall, cafes
  • Retail stores
  • Doctor or dental office
  • Apartments
  • Universities and schools

For repairing urinals in Tacoma area, reach Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599. We would do a new urinal installation for you if required. Get $50 off coupon online.

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