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Water Heater Seattle

water-heater-seattle-waYour hot water heater controls the water temperature of your home or business.  Your water heating unit may need repair if your water is too hot or too cold.  Our maintenance free tankless systems help prevent the need to fix or replace water heater parts.  These include the pilot light, breakers, upper elements and other parts.

Beacon Plumbing specializes in replacing old water heaters or repairing them.  A malfunctioning water heating unit can create high energy bills.  Do you need to replace your old commercial water heating unit?   With our effecient & maintenance free electric water heating installation you can save on your energy bills.

The plumbing and heating experts at Beacon Plumbing are here to help.  We can keep your hot or cold water temperatures and energy bills under control.  Our plumbing and heating experts will repair and install any type of residential or commercial water heaters.

•    Electric Water Heaters – Propane Water Heaters
•    Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters
•    Boilers
•    Gas Water Heaters – Combi Core Water Heaters – On Demand Heaters
•    Solar Water Heaters – Expansion Tanks – Circ Pumps – Venting
•    Tankless Water Heaters – Direct Vent – Power Vent – Mixing Valves


Hot Water Heater Repair Seattle

water-heater-repair-seattle-waOld hot water heaters have parts that are worn.  Your pilot light can have trouble lighting on a regular basis. Our water heater repair will fix problems with any make and type of burners and other heating parts.  The burners heat your water.  Water heater repair also fixes defective control and temperature valves.

Our maintenance free heating units help water temperatures stay at safe levels.  Your water heating system should be energy efficient.  Without water heater repair, your water heat can become dangerous.  Hot water temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit can cause serious burns.

•    Residential Heating Repair
•    24 Hour Emergency Service
•    Installation, Service & Repair
•    Increases Energy Efficiency
•    Lowers your Energy Bill up to 25%
•    Provides Safe Temperatures


Fix/Replace Water Heater in Seattle for Residential and Commercial

fix-or-replace-water-heater-seattle-waWater heater repair & new installation is necessary for a few reasons.  Your water heater affects your electric or gas bill.  Did you know 25% of each energy dollar is used to heat your water?
When you want to lower your energy bill a homeowner can improve this by replacing any old water heaters.

Most water heaters last 13 years.  If you buy a new home with an older water heating unit, check the age.  With our maintenance free installation you get 13 years of lower energy bills.
Since 1999, we’ve provided Seattle’s best water heater installation service.  Our energy saver installation service saves you time and energy.

•    Commercial Water Heater Repair &  Installation
•    Fast Response
•    24 Hour Emergency Service
•    Our Cost-Effective Water Heaters Lower your Energy Bill up to 25%
•    Water Heaters with Energy Savings for 13 Years

Earthquake/Seismic Wall Strapping For Water Heaters

We are licensed, bonded and insured.   When you have plumbing and heating problems, Stop Freakin….Call Beacon!


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