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Beacon Plumbing Careers

Are you a licensed Journeymen Plumber? Do you need a long-term and rewarding position? Come work with our team of plumbing and heating experts. Beacon Plumbing is currently hiring licensed Journeymen Plumbers. If you’re interested contact us today for an interview. We can be reached at 206.720.2040.

Looking For

• Licenced Plumbers

• Licensed Electrical (Master, Electrical Administrator, 06A, Low Voltage)

• Licenced Heating, A/C and Refrigeration Techs



  • Current Washington Residential and or Commercial Plumber’s License
  • Valid Washington State Driver’s License
  • Good Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Minimum 6+ Verifiable Years of Plumbing Service Experience
  • Friendly Attitude
  • A Desire to Constantly Grow
  • Submit to and Pass a Pre-Employment Drug Screen
  • Submit to and Pass a Criminal Background Check
  • AA or BA Preferred


Benefits include

  • Competitive Commission Structure
  • Monthly Cash Bonuses
  • Year-End Bonuses
  • Paid Vacations
  • Uniforms
  • Weekly Training


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