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With time, the need for larger, more capable electrical service continue to increase their electricity load without bothering with an electrical panel replacement or upgrade.

Continued use of the old, out-of-date fuse boxes or circuit breaker panels can cause overload that may result in:

  • Overheated power supply cables
  • Excessive heating of termination points
  • Fire in the electric panel that can spread

Avoid these hazards by calling Beacon Plumbing for an electrical panel upgrade in your Seattle, WA when your power requirements increase. Home expansion, increased indoor/outdoor lighting, and addition of heavy-duty electrical appliances are just a few situations where you simply have to replace your circuit breaker panel.

To make sure that the electrical panel upgrade in your Seattle home is completed with 100% precision, it is important that you hire only competent professionals like us for the job.

Circuit Breaker Panel Seattle


Having a properly-sized circuit breaker panel installed in your Seattle home goes a long way in keeping your entire electrical system working efficiently and hazard-free.

If your home is still dependent on an old, low-amp fuse style panel, waste no time in calling us for an electrical panel upgrade and get a circuit breaker panel with amps sufficient for present and future power needs. This will provide massive benefits to you by:

  • Minimizing electricity problems in your home
  • Lowering your home insurance premiums
  • Enhancing the resale value of your property

Our technicians will carefully install a new circuit breaker panel and connect your Seattle home wiring flawlessly. If you want added protection for your heavy-load appliances, we can install home-run wiring directly from their dedicated outlets to the panel.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Seattle


Circuit breaker keeps tripping, lights flicker all the time, appliances run below full power. Issues like these can be very irritating, but you can eliminate them forever by calling us for an electrical panel upgrade in your Seattle home.

We take pride in completing flawless work, and this shows in all the electrical services we offer, like:

  • Wiring & panel replacement
  • Rewiring electrical panels and breaker boxes
  • Surge protector panel installation
  • New circuits, dedicated circuits, hot tub circuits installation
  • Knob to tube re-wiring
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodel wiring & repair

Dial 206-452-1932 to call the expert electricians at Beacon Plumbing if you need for a new home circuit breaker panel in Seattle. We can give you a free electrical panel upgrade cost estimate when you call.

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