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Home Rewiring Tacoma

Tacoma-Home-RewiringGive Beacon Plumbing a call if you have to get your home wiring replaced. We are a full-service residential electrical contractor that has completed numerous home rewiring jobs in the Tacoma, WA area.

It is necessary to rewire home for many reasons. The most common one is to replace the knob & tube wiring that is typically found in old homes. Otherwise, people go in for home rewiring if:

  • The existing wiring is frayed, worn-out
  • They want to prepare their home for sale
  • A disaster like fire or flooding has damaged the existing wiring
  • You need wiring with more load-bearing capacity

Trust none but us to rewire home no matter why you need it done. We are staffed by well-trained, seasoned electricians who have proven their skills over many knob & tube rewire and other home rewiring jobs throughout Tacoma. A

fter hiring us to rewire home, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your home will be having correctly installed, safe and reliable electrical wiring.

Rewire Home Tacoma

rewire-home-tacoma-waHome rewiring is a major electrical job. While it is by no means a DIY task, hiring just about any electrician to replace your home wiring would also not do. Making wrong electrical connections or handling the electrical wiring carelessly is extremely hazardous.

Hire our electricians so that your home rewiring is done accurately and there is no unpleasant incident during or even long after the job is over. Our experts know all that is necessary to rewire home of our Tacoma customer in a seamless and safe manner.

You can trust us to perform all your rewiring work, whether knob & tube rewire or otherwise:

  • With a detail-oriented approach
  • Using high-grade wiring
  • Taking the necessary safety precautions
  • As per the latest local codes

Knob & Tube Rewire Tacoma

knob-and-tube-rewire-tacoma-waIf your home still has knob & tube wiring, home rewiring is an option but an absolute requirement for you. The circuits in this old-style wiring system do not have any grounding wire.

This means that if you do not go in for knob & tube rewire in your Tacoma home, you expose your family to a serious electrical hazard. Moreover, most insurance companies will insure your home only after you get the knob & tube rewire or replacement done.

Call us to perform your knob & tube rewire:

  • Correctly
  • In quick job-time
  • At an affordable rate

If it is time to rewire home in Tacoma, it is time to call Beacon Plumbing! Dial (253) 777-1972.

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