Modern Day Slavery

Crime Stoppers Global Solutions: Our Mission

“The use of human trafficking by terrorist groups, such as ISIS and Boko Haram, not only reflects the brutality of these

groups, but also acts as a means by which terrorist organizations recruit adherents and finance their operations. Combating

human trafficking is not merely a moral issue or one that affects the interests of the American people; it is also an issue that

threatens international peace and security.” -THE SECRETARY OF STATE: MICHAEL R. POMPEO

Crime Stopper Global Solutions (CSGS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, exists solely to help combat transnational crime specifically at the source and/or transit routes before it reaches other nations, including the United States, with its devastating impacts. The crimes include:
Human Trafficking/Child Trafficking & Sex Crime

  • Terrorism
  • Illicit Goods Trade
  • Illegal Arms Dealing
  • Narcotics Smuggling
  • Human Organ and Exotic Animal Trafficking
  • Money Laundering & Bank Fraud
  • Cybercrime

Incorporating wireless technology, the organization provides guidance and resources in the prevention of, protection against, and pursuit of serious transnational criminal activity. This is accomplished by working cooperatively with governments, citizens, community- based organizations, trusted law enforcement, and media, both locally and globally.

Our Crime Stopping Organization technology

Utilizes secure smart phone APP technology that is globally adaptable for anonymous citizen engagement, crime reporting, and local media support.

Helps locals, including government entities, builds a sustainable program with its own local Identity.

Focuses it’s mission, attention and efforts on targeting and combating serious transnational crimes that affect us all on a global level. This is not a Crime Stoppers chapter or tip telephone line for addressing general local crimes.

Engages, empowers, and rewards citizens for a real crime-fighting results while ensuring their anonymity and safety: a proven strategy in the U.S. for over 40 years.

It is completely safe and easy to use. A citizen simple downloads an app to their wireless device, the app does not collect any identifiable or personal information from the citizen. Any data that a citizen chooses to share is encrypted whether the information is in transit or at rest. No plain text data is available to any third party, multiple encryption algorithms and signings protect the confidentiality of the attribute value and provide integrity of all signed attributes and their relationship to each other, also providing authentication. Substituting one encrypted value for another or any other unauthorized change is easily detected. Encryption and signing protect the “Tipster” (person sending a tip or information via wireless device). Their identity is withheld and the information they send does not remain on their phone or other device. Their digital information or signature is completely encrypted. They have only a numerical code and password so that they can communicate with trusted police investigators. They cannot be identified by police or anyone else.

Anonymous tips via phone has worked in the States for over 40 years, and now is even more safe and secure with apps that allow the Tipster complete anonymity.

Tipters can receive a monetary reward for a validated arrest and criminal charge, also through an anonymous, encrypted electronic method set up through PayPal and their HyperWallet system.

Sex Trafficking through the Balkans

Extremists are using sexual violence, including rape, sexual slavery, and forced marriage, to boost recruitment, galvanize fighters, and punish disbelievers.

Reports from the International Organization for Migration state that thousands of girls and women from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet bloc, arrive violently to Kosovo, where they are sexually exploited and forced into prostitution.

Per the report from the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro as well as U.S. Dept. of Labor titled 2017 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, it was concluded that “children in Montenegro engage in the worst forms of child labor, including forced begging and commercial sexual exploitation because of human trafficking.”

ASTRA, the anti-trafficking action NGO in Serbia, which signed a cooperation agreement with CSGS, notes that the Albanian mafia is in full control of the smuggling routes from the Middle East, transfer routes through Greece and across the Balkans, as well as in Western Europe.

The main centers from which "immigrants" are exported to the U.S. and western Europe are Kosovo and the Sandzak region--also a hot spot of Islamic radicalism in the Balkans.

200,000 of the estimated 1 million women forced into prostitution worldwide are trafficked into the whole of Europe through the Balkans. In the U.S., their import concentrations include New York, Florida, and California.

Today, criminal activity is no longer safely isolated or effectively contained in one community or country. It knows no boundaries. Crime is transnational in nature and so are its pernicious effects. Illicit activities that originate in or flow through the Balkans and elsewhere are spreading globally, targeting and harming individuals, children, families, businesses, organizations, and communities. We are all affected and must work together to combat transnational crimes that threaten our local communities, thereby ensuring our mutual security.

Crime Stoppers Global Solutions can play a significant role in a larger public-private partnership and effort committed to implementing a comprehensive integrated strategy aimed at combating skyrocketing transnational crime. We must work cooperatively with strong nations, governments, and peoples like Serbia to stop crime at the key transit routes.

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