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Home Electrical Panel Tacoma


Is the electric panel in your home not enough to support your power requirements? There are a few signs that indicate the panel is overloaded, outdated, and needs an upgrade:

  • Frequently flickering and burnt-out lights
  • Circuit breaker trips repeatedly
  • Crackling sounds come from the panel
  • The need to unplug one appliance to plug in another

If you are still unsure if an electrical panel upgrade in your Tacoma, WA home is in order, call Beacon Plumbing. Our electricians can inspect the condition and capacity of your existing electric panel. If an electrical panel replacement or upgrade is found necessary, we can get it done.

Outdated panels are a major fire hazard. Call us for an electrical panel upgrade in your Tacoma home before it is too late.

Circuit Breaker Panel Tacoma


An electrical panel upgrade is an urgent necessity if your home is dependent on an old fuse-style panel. Fuse boxes are woefully insufficient at handling the power needs of modern homes. You need to upgrade to a circuit breaker panel ASAP if you want to prevent short circuits, electrical fires, and burnt fixtures or appliances.

Give us a call. We will dispatch our electricians as soon as possible to install a new circuit breaker panel in your Tacoma home and connect all the wiring to it. Our professionals can also provide other services related to circuit breaker panels in homes, like:

  • Replacing a circuit breaker panel that is defective or small
  • Rewiring electrical panels or breaker boxes
  • Wiring & panel replacement
  • Home-run wiring installation (direct from specific electrical outlets to panels)

A properly-sized circuit breaker panel in your Tacoma home will help you enjoy an efficient, safe electrical system, as well as home insurance savings and improved home resale value.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Tacoma


Make us your first call for an electrical panel upgrade in Tacoma if you want the job to be done at a fair electrical panel upgrade cost by friendly, knowledgeable technicians.

The expertise of our electrical company and electricians are not limited to panel upgrades, replacements, or new installations. You can also give us a call anytime you need other electrical services like:

  • Knob to tube re-wiring
  • New circuits or dedicated circuits
  • Hot tub circuits installation
  • Surge protector panel repair
  • Bathroom remodeling electrical service
  • Kitchen remodel wiring & repair

For circuit breaker panel installation or upgrade in Tacoma, call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 777-1972.

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