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Plumber Slab Leak Pipe Repair Drain/Sewer/Water Pipe Video Camera Inspection

slab-leak-repair-seattle-waDo you have a home with a concrete slab foundation? When your pipes start to deteriorate they leak. The water from pipe leaks under your slab foundation rises to the surface. Slab leaks cause serious water damage in the ground floors of your home. The water will destroy floor coverings and other materials.  If your property is facing this same dillema then you need to call an expert plumber that is able to provide any sort of drain/sewer/water pipe video camera inspection.  You will need to find a plumber that knows what to look for.

Signs of slab leaks include a higher than normal water bill. You will hear water running underneath your floors or concrete slab. Slab leaks can’t be ignored. If you don’t have a plumbing expert resolve the problem, further damage will happen.  It’s very important as the property owner to invest in having a plumber inspect all of those hard to see locations with a drain/sewer/water pipe video camera inspection.  You’ll end up paying more to repair water and foundation damage the longer you wait.  Beacon Plumbing is Seattle’s # 1 Plumber.

At Beacon Plumbing our plumbing experts will detect and resolve slab leaks. Our slab leak repair stops residential and commercial slab leaks. Protect your home or business from water damage. Take advantage of our slab leak repair service.  Call us today and we will dispatch out a plumber the same day!

  • Pipe Videoing and Locatingslab-leak-repair-tacoma-wa
  • Leak and Pipeline Locating
  • Pipe Repair and Replacement
  • Drain and Sewer Pipe Locating
  • Water Service Line Repair and Installation
  • Hot and Cold Water Line Leak and Locating
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Saw Cutting and Coring
  • Concrete Restoration


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