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kitchenA bathroom remodeling project can increase the value of your home.  Bathroom remodeling projects usually require new plumbing or plumbing repairs.  Imagine putting in a new tub only to find costly plumbing leaks.  The plumbing experts at Beacon Plumbing will repair and replace any plumbing for your bathroom remodeling projects.

Our plumbing experts will repair or replace all types of bathroom plumbing.  These include PVC pipes, copper pipes, brass pipes and steel pipes.  Your bathroom remodeling project can be a waste without proper plumbing.

Do you need bathroom remodeling ideas?  Our staff will help you plan your bathroom remodeling project.  From bathroom plumbing to colors and layout, we’ll help you design the bathroom remodel you want.


Pipe Repair

Pipe repair protects your bathroom remodel project from sabotage.  Learning you have leaky pipes or damaged pipes after a remodel can be costly.  With pipe repair any pipe damage can be fixed before you begin your bathroom remodel.  Pipe repair corrects pipe collapses, pipe cracks, holes and other pipe problems.

During our pipe repair process we locate any leaks, cracks or holes.  Any pipe leaks waste water and raise your energy bill.  Once a pipe repair is complete, your bathroom plumbing will complete your bathroom remodel.

•    Repairs Cracks, Holes and Leaks
•    Repairs Missing Pipe Sections
•    Stops Costly Pipe Leaks
•    Improves Water Pressure


Bathroom Plumbing & Remodeling Service

drainingYour bathroom sink is a key part of a bathroom remodel.  Debris can get stuck deep inside your bathroom sink plumbing.  The result can be low water pressure and drain backups.  Our plumbing experts will inspect your bathroom plumbing.  We use video inspecting to find bathroom sink plumbing leaks, holes, cracks and other problems.
Your bathroom sink plumbing will get stronger water pressure.

•    Sewer Line Videoing and Locating
•    Locate Bathroom Sink Leaks
•    Hydro Jetting to Clear Corroded Pipes
•    Bathroom Plumbing Inspections

We can check any toilet flange for needed repair or replacement


Bathtub Plumbing

Supplies2Your bathtub plumbing gets clogged by soap and hair buildup.  This debris gets stuck inside your drain and bathtub plumbing.  Using harsh chemicals to remove debris can corrode your bathtub plumbing.  Constant dripping leaves ugly water stains in your bathtub.

A dripping tub faucet wastes up to 3 gallons of water a day.  Our expert plumbers will quickly repair your bathtub plumbing.  You’ll save water and lower your energy bill.  Your bathtub plumbing will complement your bathroom remodel.  Trust Seattle’s best plumbing experts with your bathtub plumbing.

•    Bathtub Plumbing Re-piping
•    Bathtub Plumbing Inspection
•    Sewer Line Videoing and Locating
•    Removes Tub Drain Debris
•    Stops Constant Faucet Dripping


Trust our expert plumbers to repair and replace old tub faucets. 

• Trust us to check any possible continuously running faucet

• Repair or replace pop up assembly at lavatory sink

• Repair and Replace waste & water overflow

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