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Seattle Sewer Repair


Do you suspect that something is wrong with the underground waste pipes on your property? Are you looking to hire the best sewer repair specialists in Seattle, WA?

Well, you just found the right sewer company to assist you! Beacon Plumbing has been installing, maintaining and repairing sewers in this area since 1999.

Call us, day or night, when you first observe issues with the flow and function of your sewer system.

We offer 24 hour sewer repair services in Seattle and will have our technician dispatched in 90 minutes or less to your place to fix the sewers.

There can be multiple causes for sewer line malfunctions. You could have to go in for professional sewer cleaning when sludge buildup, invasive tree roots or obstruction by accumulation of other debris choke up the sewers.

Else, you could be looking at a cracked sewer line repair or replacement job if factors like aging, corrosion, temperature changes or soil shifting damage the pipes.   

Our technicians come equipped to carry out a video camera sewer inspection to find out what plagues your sewers. Only after ascertaining the exact problem, they get down to deciding upon the right sewer repair solution for your Seattle property.

At our sewer company, we have vast experience in dealing with all types of big and small problems with sewers.

We see to it that our technicians attend to your service call with sewer repair work that: 

  • Is accurate and effective
  • Stands the test of time
  • Keeps your sewers flowing fine for a long time to come
  • Offers the most cost-efficient solution to the issue

Call us for sewer repair in Seattle with full faith that your property and sewers are in safe hands.

Seattle Sewers


Sewers make living/working in any building convenient by ensuring hygienic disposal of wastewater.

Needless to say, good care should be taken of installations as important as sewers by all Seattle property owners.

People who want to keep their hassles from inefficient or stalled sewers in home and business place should make sure to:

  • Go in for regular sewer line cleaning
  • Be careful about what goes down the drains
  • AVOID DIY sewer line cleanout with store-bought chemicals
  • NEVER attempt DIY sewer pipe repair
  • Get sewer repair done quickly before the situation aggravates
  • Always call in professionals for sewer repair and cleaning

Choked or leaky sewers in your Seattle property are not get fixed on their own.

However, like any other average property owner, you would not any idea about how to clear a main line blockage, how to repair cracked sewer pipes or how to go around replacing sewer line from house to main.

Your amateurish efforts at sewer repair or cleaning can end up damaging the sewers even more than before.

It is best that you call our sewer company in Seattle for such jobs. The skilled and seasoned technicians that our sewer company sends over get your sewers up and running within no time in a safe, hassle-free manner.

Moreover, we do not offer makeshift solutions that bring you relief from the malfunctioning sewers only for the time-being.

Our sewer repair experts work diligently to ensure that the underlying issue with your sewers in Seattle is diagnosed correctly and fixed accurately, the very first time around.

Seattle Sewer Company


Leaking, clogged, broken or sunken sewers are headaches that you can do without.

However, problems with sewers in Seattle residential and commercial properties are bound to develop from time to time.

The proper thing to do when that happens is schedule sewer repair immediately with a reputable, competent, experienced and reliable sewer company.

We are proud to be a sewer company in Seattle that you can depend on for responding promptly and watching out for your best interests while fixing your sewers.

We offer you trenchless sewer repair and replacement. Trenchless sewer line repair methods allow your sewers to be fixed without digging up the yard and inviting needless property restoration expenses.

What further makes our family-owned sewer company the ideal choice for working on your sewers is that we: 

  • Work ethically and never oversell services
  • Employ only certified, well-trained plumbers
  • Schedule the job as per your convenience
  • Use top-grade piping and other supplies
  • Stand behind repair jobs with 1-year guarantee (parts & labor)
  • Clean up the jobsite before leaving

At our sewer company, we want Seattle residents to feel easy about letting our technicians handle their valuable sewer system and even about having them inside their property.

That is why we ensure that the plumbers working with our sewer company are masters at their job and also clean-cut, respectable, trustworthy individuals. 

Additionally, our licensed, bonded and insured sewer company assures its Seattle customers of complete protection all through their sewer line cleaning, repair or replacement job.

Do not let stalled or broken sewers hold up your household or business work. Call Beacon Plumbing for fast, efficient, lasting and affordable sewer repair services in Seattle. We are also available for sewer line cleaning. Reach our sewer company at (206) 452-3130.