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Furnace Replacement Tacoma


Unless your gas or electric furnace totally breaks down and the technician finds it not really feasible to repair, it is difficult to know when to have the aging heating system replaced. Waiting for electric or gas furnace replacement until the very last minute can cause you a great deal of trouble.

Beacon Plumbing advises you to watch out for the warning signs of furnace problems and plan for the replacement well in time. You should start thinking of electric or gas furnace replacement in your Tacoma, WA property when the appliance is over 15 years old and:

  • No longer produces adequate heating
  • Needs frequent repairs
  • Runs up higher energy bills than before
  • Gives off unusual noises
  • Has irregular on/off cycles

Do not wait for your aging heating system to leave you in the cold! Give us a call if you suspect that it is time to replace electric furnace or gas furnace in your property.

Gas Furnace Replacement Tacoma


Gas furnace replacement in your Tacoma home/office is an important decision. It is crucial to have an old or severely malfunctioning gas furnace replaced not just to save on ineffective repairs, but also to prevent the indoor environment from becoming unsafe.

You would not want to compromise the comfort and well-being of your loved ones or valuable employees because of your reluctance in replacing the worn-out furnace that is not working properly or leaking out poisonous gas. Along with ensuring timely gas furnace replacement, you should make sure to get qualified and reputable professionals on board for the job.

Come to us with your gas furnace replacement needs in Tacoma. We have your job done:

  • By well-trained technicians
  • With a top-grade furnace that is ideal for your heating needs
  • Seamlessly

Replace Electric Furnace Tacoma


Replacement of electric furnace demands the attention of competent and experienced professionals. If the technician called to replace electric furnace in your Tacoma property botches up any part of the process, the system is not likely to work efficiently.

Hire us to replace electric furnace so that you have the unit run at optimal efficiency, without causing any electrical accidents like shocks, sparking or fire break-out. Our technicians work diligently to replace electric furnace correctly. They:

  • Remove the old furnace carefully
  • Install the new one as per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Leave only after testing the system for proper working

Have to replace electric furnace in your Tacoma home or commercial building? Looking for gas furnace replacement experts? Call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599.

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