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Grease Trap Interceptors Grease Trap Interceptor Repair Drain Inspection

grease-trap-seattleGrease trap interceptors remove grease and oil from your waste water.  Grease trap interceptors are normally used in the food industry.  Without grease trap interceptors grease and oil would stay in waste water.  Damaging blockages would backup your drains and sinks.

Do you own a restaurant or other food service business?  Your grease trap interceptors need regular repair and maintenance.  Neglecting your grease trap interceptors can result in frequent drain and plumbing repair.  Protect your drains with our grease trap interceptor service.

•    24 Hour Emergency Service
•    Grease Trap Interceptor Repair
•    Grease Trap Interceptor Installation
•    Drain Inspection and Repair


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