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Urinal Repair Lake Stevens


Urinals in commercial places, hospitals, restaurants, pubs and bars are constructed for public convenience. Often parts of urinals pose problem due to lack of maintenance and improper handling by the users.

Invariably, users throw chewing gums, butts of cigarettes and cigars, papers and other debris etc. in urinals that may lead to choking or clogging of the drain pipe. Such conditions warrant efficient plumbers for urinal repairs.

Beacon Plumbing offers urinal repair services to Lake Stevens, WA residents. We have a team, equipped with trained plumbers for urinal repair that accomplishes the assignments:

  • With precision and accuracy
  • Without compromising on quality
  • In time and budget

We undertake urinal repairs of leaking or overflowing drains, inadequate flushing and problematic manual or automatic flushing systems.

Due to our 24×7 customer services at most competitive prices, we are considered among most trustworthy companies for urinal repairs in Lake Stevens.

Urinals Lake Stevens


Public urinals are more prone to stink and hence, urinal deodorizer blocks or cakes are kept in bowl to arrest foul smell of urine. In order to reduce foul smell cubes are kept in place of deodorizing blocks in urinals of restaurants, bars and pubs.

Usually, ceramic or steel bowls with drain pipes and flushing systems are installed in urinals. Mostly, manual, automatic with sensors or timed flush systems are fitted in urinals. For new urinals the most preferred flush system are as follows:

  • Manual handle flush
  • Automatic with sensors
  • Timed flush
  • Door regulated flush

Eco-friendly waterless urinals are gaining popularity as collected urine can be recycled and used as fertilizer. We are having a team of licensed plumbers to offer 24×7 services at reasonable charges for new urinal installation in Lake Stevens.

New Urinal Installation Lake Stevens


The skill of a plumber can be gauged from his ability in new urinal installation. This involves knowledge of technology and quality of workmanship. It is therefore important to hire trustworthy company for new urinal installation.

We have plumbers who have acquired perfection through their vast experience in new urinal installation. We specialize in the installation of waterless, street, unisex and urinals for disabled as well.

For new urinal installations, our plumbers:

  • Rigidly follow work ethics
  • Exhibit quality workmanship
  • Assure on time completion

Our 24×7 customer care and cost effectiveness have placed us among most efficient plumbing companies in Lake Stevens.

If you plan to hire us for urinal repair, new urinal installation or any services related to urinals at Lake Stevens, reach us at Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-3130.

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