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Air Conditioning Lake Stevens


When it is about comfortable interiors during hot summer months, you depend on your air conditioner. The longevity of the air conditioner depends upon the care and maintenance that you take. Whether you need air conditioner repair or you want to install new air conditioning system, always call in the professionals to make the correct assessment.

Count on Beacon Plumbing for all services related to an air conditioning system in Lake Stevens, WA. Finding out the extent of damage or problem with your AC or getting adequate repairs requires the assistance and service of professionally trained people like us.

Call us for the inspection of your air conditioner in the following cases:

  • AC not starting
  • Unit making too much water
  • Ice build-up
  • Smoke or sparks from the unit

These signs are strong indicators that you might need to install new air conditioning system if the existing one is malfunctioning and its repairs would be expensive.

Air Conditioner Repair Lake Stevens


Whatever the issue with your AC, you must never attempt air conditioner repair DIY. The AC machine is a complex one that has several components. You are neither qualified to repair these components nor have the required tools and equipment. Calling in experts for air conditioner repair is a much feasible option.

Count on us for timely and efficient air conditioner repair services in Lake Stevens. We understand that it is difficult to spend even an hour without the AC in the summers. Therefore, we send in the following when we receive a call for air conditioner repair:

  • Latest equipment
  • High quality and branded spares
  • Specialist AC technicians

Our technicians will cater to all requirements of air conditioner repairs, no matter what the make or model. They are knowledgeable about all AC brands, types and sizes.

Lake Stevens Install New Air Conditioning System


The need to install new air conditioning system arises when repairing the existing one is not feasible owing to the high costs or other reasons. Trust only experienced technicians to install new air conditioning system in Lake Stevens as most problems usually arise due to inefficient installation.

Count on us to install new air conditioning system in Lake Stevens as we never:

  • Compromise with our workmanship
  • Delay or postpone scheduled services
  • Over bill our services

Is your air conditioner troubling you yet again? Call Beacon Plumbing at (425) 329-7875 for air conditioner repair or replacement in Lake Stevens.

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