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Sewer Repair Lake Stevens


Sturdy, smoothly flowing sewers are one of the most critical requirements for a residential or commercial property to be functional. There is no time to waste in calling up a plumber when it appears that sewer repair may be required in your home or business place.

It is just as important to ensure that skilled and reliable professionals are called in for fixing the sewers. After all, you would want sewer repair solutions that stand the test of time and do not just provide temporary respite.

Beacon Plumbing is the foremost source for sewer repair services in Lake Stevens, WA and its surrounding areas. We are capable of resolving all kinds of issues with sewers. There are several scenarios where you could need the help our sewer repair experts. These include:

  • Clogging of sewers
  • Cracked and leaky sewer line
  • Bellied sewer pipe
  • Pipe corrosion leading to missing pipe sections
  • Breakage of aging or substandard piping

Sewer Line Cleaning Lake Stevens


The most common problem with sewers is their blockage that results in sewage backing up into the property through the drains, sinks and toilets. We offer sewer line cleaning services in Lake Stevens to restore the normal flow and function of sewers.

Our sewer line cleaning experts are available round-the-clock to deal with emergency situations. We realize that it is impossible to put up with choked sewers for even an hour. Do not panic if you encounter backing up sewers in your home or commercial establishment late at night or on a leisurely Sunday. A quick call from you will have our sewer line cleaning team rushing to your aid.

We provide sewer line cleaning services in Lake Stevens to get rid of all sorts of clogs, including those created by:

  • Excessive sludge
  • Tree roots
  • Buildup of soap, hair, diapers, etc.
  • Rusted and broken pipe pieces

Sewers Lake Stevens


Our technicians have the training and experience for resolving any simple or complex problem with sewers. We have invested in top-of-the-line equipment to support them in delivering the finest possible services, be it for sewer line cleaning or sewer repair.

We are committed to minimizing the hassles and expenses for our customers while fixing their sewers in Lake Stevens. With options like video sewer line inspection and trenchless technology, we clean or repair sewers:

  • In quick time
  • With no or little yard damage
  • Correctly, thoroughly

Turn to Beacon Plumbing for sewer line cleaning or sewer repair services in Lake Stevens. Call (425) 329-7875.

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