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Water Heaters Lake Stevens


Most homeowners do not pay much attention to their water heaters unless they experience a problem. A day without hot water can make your routine go topsy-turvy. Get immediate water heater repair from the experts. Whether you have an electric, or gas water heater, the concerned company should be able to repair the unit quickly so that your requirements of hot water can be fulfilled.

Count on Beacon Plumbing for all services related to water heaters in Lake Stevens, WA. We have been offering our services since 1999 and have thorough experience with water heaters of all kinds. The technology of water heaters, over the past years has advanced tremendously and those available today are:

  • More energy efficient
  • Compactly designed
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to use and maintain

Whenever you have any problems, with the water heaters no matter how small; do not wait for them to aggravate. Call us right away for water heater repair and save yourself from having to spend on costly replacement.

Water Heater Repair Lake Stevens


Whether you have a gas water heater installed or an electric one, regular inspection and maintenance will ensure that it requires infrequent repairs. However, in case the heater does develop a problem, call in a professional for water heater repair rather than dealing with it DIY.

Count on us for efficient water heater repair service in Lake Stevens. If you are unsure of when to call us for water heater repair, take note of the following signs:

  • Water is not hot enough
  • It takes longer than usual for the water to get hot
  • Strange color or odor in water
  • Rumbling or whistling sounds in the water pipes
  • Leakage from the heater

We will send in our specialists to deal with the electric or gas water heater repair services and ensure that the unit is operational in no time.

Lake Stevens Gas Water Heater


You can choose a gas water heater in your Lake Stevens home if you have been contemplating replacement of the old heater. Gas water heaters are very efficient in providing hot water as and when required.

Rely on us for the choice and installation of the best gas water heater for your home in Lake Stevens. Some aspects that we consider when buying a gas water heater for you include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Make and model
  • Size and capacity
  • Cost

Let our technicians assess your hot water requirements and then make the correct recommendations. Call Beacon Plumbing at (425) 329-7875 for efficient water heater repair and installation in Lake Stevens.

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