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Frozen Pipes Frozen Water Pipe Prevent Pipe Freezing

Frozen-Pipe-Repair-Seattle-WA-BPAre you afraid you may have frozen pipes? Not sure who to call and/or what are the steps to follow before you try and unthaw it yourself!

You can always call Beacon Plumbing for assistance.  We provide #1 customer service to plumbing customers in the Greater Seattle area.

When your pipe freezes what happens?  

Water will swell and there is no room for expansion inside the pipe.  This expansion will push the water against the inside of the pipe and if ignored or not realized it can develop a crack especially if the frozen pipes are old in age.  This is when the frozen pipes in your home or business burst and you have an immediate bursted/frozen water pipe emergency.



If Frozen Pipe Cracks

Frozen-Pipes-Bellevue-WA-BPIf the frozen pipe cracks hundreds of gallons of water per hour can spill out depending on the severity of the crack.

Indication of this is when you try and turn on a faucet and it will trickle out….or be slushy.  Beacon Plumbing is a licensed plumber and we can rush out immediatley and assist you with all your frozen pipes.  We offer Same Day Service!

Here are some common areas to look for a frozen pipe!

•    Outside Wall
•    Under a sink and outside wall
•    Unheated craw space

Need some ideas:

1. Stop water supply to frozen pipes by closing shutoff valves.2. Open faucets to let out trapped steam and water.
3. Thaw pipe starting from faucet towards frozen section. This way melted water can flow out quickly, while water pressure will force remaining ice out of pipe. Never use open flames for pipe thawing for the risk of causing thermal water expansion that can bust the water pipe.

Apply gentle heat on frozen pipe using one of the following methods:

1. Dip rags in hot water (about 105 degrees F) and wrap around the frozen pipe. Once rags cool, replace with hot ones.

2. Open faucet and work your way towards frozen section with a hair dryer. Do not keep dryer fixed on one point only. If the pipe is next to a wall, place a cookie sheet behind the pipe to help reflect heat onto pipe.

3. Cover frozen section with electrical heat stripes that have a thermostat controlling temperature. Heat tape is also useful in preventing a future frozen pipe emergency.

Remember the majority of the time, the day after a really cold night, in the morning when the temp raises and your water unthaws you will know if you have a leak and when you do call us immediately at Beacon Plumbing and we will will take care of the problem  

Beacon Plumbing is licensed, bonded and insured.  When you have frozen pipe problems call a Seattle plumber you can trust, Stop Freakin’…Call Beacon!

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