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Backflow Prevention Backflow Testing Install or Repair

A backflow valve/check valve  is a valve designed to let liquids and solids flow in one direction.  Consequently, the liquids and solids cannot back up and flow in the opposite direction.  A backflow valve is used in connection with sewer lines for the obvious reason that the sewage will only flow away from the home and not back into the home.  Since 1999 Beacon Plumbing has helped both residential and commerical customers with back flow preventers.

In areas where there is a problem with main sewer lines backing up, backflow valves are something to give serious consideration.  Why would municipal main sewer lines back up?  In areas where there can be flooding or where heavy rains it can overtax the storm water and sewer system, large scale back ups can occur.  Some homeowners experience a pest problem in their homes with the pests crawling up the main line and then getting into the home through the side sewer.  A backflow valve can be a huge help in controlling this type of situation.  Each of our licensed plumbers are able to help with backflow preventer testing. 

If you have a backflow prevention valve installed, you will want a professional do the job and you will want to know the location of the backflow valve.  This is because the valve only opens in one direction so if, for example, someone tries the clear the line with a cable and passes the cable through the valve on the way out of the house, there’s no way to retrieve the cable without breaking the valve when the cable is pulled back.  Having an access to the backflow is also important so it can be checked and maintained properly.



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If water starts to flow backwards your water supply will be jeopordized with hazardous chemicals or bacteria.  A basic check valve will prevent your home or business from an unhealthy or dangerous situation.  Beacon Plumbing is a true plumbing professional and we will get or keep your water flowing in the proper direction.


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