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Water Filtration Shoreline


Clean, potable water is one of basic requirements in any functional residential or commercial building. With time, however, situation has become such that you cannot take it granted that the municipal water coming into your property is totally hygienic. The various issues that you could have the water supply include its contamination with:

  • Excessive chlorine
  • Rust particles
  • Minerals and chemicals
  • Bacteria and other microorganisms

Beacon Plumbing offers installation of water filtration systems in Shoreline, WA as the ideal solution to this serious problem. Water filtration stops your tap water from smelling bad and tasting funny. More importantly, having a water filtration system in your property protects everyone living or working there from health hazards caused by the polluted water.

Another benefit from having us install a water filtration system in your Shoreline property is prolonged lifespan of the plumbing pipes as they are protected from premature corrosion.

Water System Installation & Repair Shoreline


We offer comprehensive water filtration services. Our technicians can be called in for water system installation & repair in homes as well as commercial locations. We can also be hired for maintenance servicing and replacement of water filtration systems.

Professional water system installation & repair is a must for ensuring that your appliance is working as efficiently as it should. Enjoy complete peace of mind about having clean, safe-to-use water running through your plumbing system by hiring us for water system installation & repair in your Shoreline property.

Your well-being matters a lot to us and so, we take care to get your water system installation & repair jobs done by technicians who are:

  • Skilled and experienced
  • Sincere, diligent and reliable
  • Equipped with proper tools

Well Pumps Shoreline


Our company also specializes in installation, repair and maintenance of well pumps. Properties that use water from private wells need to have powerful well pumps in place to enable smooth supply of water from the well to the building.

We can install high-performing well pumps in Shoreline properties so that their owners can be sure of having a well water system that runs:

  • Efficiently
  • Consistently
  • Reliably
  • With minimal breakdowns

Our technicians are trained at working on all kinds of well pumps, including manual, mechanical and electrical well pumps. They can install and repair pumps for shallow as well as deep wells.

Enjoy clean, filtered water by hiring the experts at Beacon Plumbing for water system installation & repair in your Shoreline property. We can also work on well pumps. Call (206) 452-3130.

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