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Leak Detection Shoreline


Plumbing leakage is a problem almost every property owner has to face some time or the other. It can happen with all types fop piping, no matter where these are installed. Because the issue is quite common, it does not mean that it can be taken lightly. It is important to find water line pipe leaks in your Shoreline, WA property quickly and have them fixed before much property damage is done.

Accurate leak detection is the first step towards getting the cracked piping fixed. This is where Beacon Plumbing comes in. A full-service plumbing contractor, we are equipped for tracing any water or sewer leak to its exact source. It is not easy to get leak detection in any Shoreline property done correctly. The problems encountered in leak detection are due to the facts that:

  • Water/sewer pipes are often hidden in ground or walls
  • Leaking water can travel far from the actual crack
  • Signs of leakage are not visible for a long time

Find Water Line Pipe Leaks Shoreline


While there is no doubt that water leakage should not be allowed to go undiscovered and untreated for long, do know that making DIY attempts to find water line pipe leaks in your Shoreline home or commercial building is not advisable.

You cannot go around tearing down walls or digging up the lawn randomly to trace the point of leakage. It is best that you let us come in with our state-of-the-art equipment to find water line pipe leaks. The modern leak detection technologies that we work with allow us to find the leaky section of water pipe without destroying the property.

We find water line pipe leaks:

  • Quite fast
  • Accurately
  • Without resorting to guesswork
  • Economically (not burdening you with costly property restoration)

Sewer Leak Shoreline


Our technicians detect sewer leakages with as much expertise and precision as they find water line pipe leaks with. They realize that it is how disastrous to sewer leak in any Shoreline property go undetected. A small crack can grow big, causing pipe breakage. Severe property damage is another serious fallout of prolonged sewer leak.

Be smart and call us for high-quality sewer leak detection services. Do make sure to call us well in time by watching out for sewer leak symptoms like:

  • Gurgling drains/toilets
  • Damp places in the yard
  • Overgrown lawn patches
  • Puddles with foul odor in the yard

Beacon Plumbing is the foremost source for water or sewer leak detection services in the Shoreline area. Call (206) 452-3130.

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