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Home Rewiring Shoreline


The home wiring is something you hardly ever think about as you use various electricity-powered devices throughout the day. However, the number of electric appliances an average modern home has and the amount of power it uses is drastically different to what it was a decade ago.

It makes sense to check if there is a need for you to go in for home rewiring in Shoreline, WA so that the electric system is updated to meet your increased power needs.

Beacon Plumbing suggests that you look out for the signs indicating that it is time to rewire home. These include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Circuit breakers tripping frequently
  • Buzzing/humming sound from electrical outlets
  • Burning smell near electrical fittings

Lose no time in calling us if you suspect you need home rewiring in Shoreline. We send experienced certified electricians to inspect your wiring system and rewire home, if necessary.

Rewire Home Shoreline


The expertise, professionalism and honesty with which your home rewiring project is handled has a major impact on the safety of your loved ones in the coming years. That is why you should be very careful about who you hire to rewire home.

Not all technicians in your community who rewire home are as capable and reliable as you would want them to be. We are happy to provide you with exactly the type of electricians you are looking for to rewire home in Shoreline.

Forget all your worries after signing us for meeting your home rewiring needs. Have complete peace of mind, knowing that the people you have let in to rewire home are:

  • Licensed electricians
  • Proven masters of the trade
  • Passionate about doing a seamless job
  • Sincere, diligent and dependable
  • Committed to your comfort, safety and satisfaction

Knob & Tube Rewire Shoreline


Many jobs taken by us for home rewiring involve doing knob & tube rewire. Knob & tube wiring refers to the type of ungrounded electrical wiring commonly done in homes built before 1970. This outdated wiring is extremely unsafe. If you have not yet got knob & tube rewire done in your Shoreline home, we advise that you delay no more.

Schedule the knob & tube rewire job with us today. The knob & tube rewire is critically important to:

  • Prevent accidents like electric fires and shocks
  • Bring your home up to code
  • Get home insurance on affordable terms

Need knob & tube rewire in your Shoreline home. Dial (206) 452-3130. Call Beacon Plumbing for all your home rewiring needs.

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