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Leak Detection in Renton


Noticing a higher water bill than usual? Call Beacon Plumbing for water leak detection in the Renton, WA area. Water leaks can cause a great deal of inconvenience in the life of a home or business owner.

Hidden leaks are especially bad news because they have the potential to cause extensive property damage. Fortunately, our licensed plumbers are here to perform careful and precise water leak detection in Renton homes and businesses.

We utilize several unique leak detection techniques to provide our Renton clients with the highest quality results. With our water leak equipment and methods, we are able to find water line pipe leaks:

  • Behind walls
  • Under slabs
  • In basements

Find Water Line Pipe Leaks in Renton


Pipe leaks can happen to anyone and to any type of property. Some of the common causes of pipe leaks include:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Aged, worn out pipes
  • Tree roots growing into pipes

Let us help you find water line pipe leaks in your Renton property, and fix the issue before it ends up causing costly and irreversible damage. We can find water line pipe leaks in Renton without the need for excess digging and consequential damage to properties.

By working together with our clients, we can find water line pipe leaks in their Renton home or business, and determine the course of action to restore the integrity of their plumbing system.

24/7 Sewer Leak Detection in Renton


A sewer leak can lead to significant damage to your home or commercial property. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should immediately contact us for sewer leak detection services in Renton:

  • Foul sewage system odor
  • Backed-up sewage system line
  • Damp spots inside your property
  • Unexpected spikes in the water bill

Detecting a sewer leak is a skill that an average property owner does not possess. You may be able to find out there is a sewer leak in your home or business, but pinpointing it’s exact location is left to the plumbing company.

Call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-3130 to find out more about our water and sewer leak detection services in Renton.

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