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Grease Trap Cleaning Renton


Kitchens whether residential or commercial must have regular grease line pumping and related maintenance services to ensure cleanliness. You must get the grease trap maintenance done by the experts so that in case of any grease interceptor repairs, they can be catered to right away.

Beacon Plumbing is a reputed company that offers high quality grease trap cleaning services for Renton, WA residents. Being an established company, we provide the following services along with grease trap cleaning:

  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Sump pump repair and maintenance
  • Slab leak repair
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Drain cleaning

As a recommended company for grease trap cleaning, we provide services round the clock. You can call us in an emergency or for routine services. Our motto is to maintain thorough cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchens. Our technicians are well equipped with the latest equipment and techniques that help them in timely completion of the grease trap cleaning and grease interceptor repair services.

Grease Interceptor Repair Renton


The grease trap system is so designed that the interceptor or the trap does not let any fat, oil or grease go down the drain. However, to maintain this working, you need to ensure that the grease trap interceptor is functioning fine.

We have been offering grease interceptor repair services for Renton residents for a long time now. You can rely on us as we never:

  • Compromise on quality
  • Overcharge
  • Delay our work

With us as the company taking care of the grease lines, you can rest assured regarding everything related including grease interceptor repair, grease line pumping and grease trap cleaning. You can opt for an annual maintenance package or call us if it has been a long time since the grease traps were last cleaned.

Grease Line Pumping Renton


When it is about the credibility of your commercial kitchen, you want the best company to handle the requirement of grease line pumping. With several companies in the foray for grease line pumping in Renton, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. You can either research or take reviews from others regarding an expert company offering these services.

Alternatively, you can choose us for grease line pumping in Renton as we are:

  • Thorough professionals
  • Totally committed
  • Extremely safe in our operations
  • Reasonably priced

We have a long list of clients that have taken our grease line pumping services in the past.

Feel free to call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1220 for any requirements of grease interceptor repair or cleaning in Renton.

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