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Air Conditioning Renton


Founded in 1999, Beacon Plumbing is a family owned and locally operated company. We offer the residential and commercial customers of Renton, WA exceptional air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

We use reliable and dependable tools and equipment. There is nothing better than a comfortable and cool home. We pick the correct cooling system equipment to suit your needs. We also make sure that your system is installed and maintained precisely and accurately.

We have 65 full time knowledgeable, well qualified, and trained employees who will show up in just 90 minutes of you placing a call. We are air conditioning maintenance experts in Renton, WA.


Local Air Conditioner Repair in Renton

Air-Conditioning-Repair-Service-Renton-WAOver many years, a large amount of particulate like animal dander, pollen, and dust can accumulate in the air ducts of your central air conditioning system. Every time your cooling system is switched on, the air starts moving through the duct systems, kicking up the debris that has settled on the air filters. This particulate then gets spread into each room of your home or office, and there is a possibility that you might breathe some of it.

Breathing these particulates can result in asthma and allergies leading to serious health concerns. Air duct cleaning is one of the best ways to provide you with refreshing and better indoor air quality. That is the reason why air conditioners needs regular repair service. Call us for repair job for your unit to be able to function optimally.

Our air conditioning services include:

•     Repair of compressor

•     Repair of air duct leaks

•     Unclogging the air filter

•     Onsite diagnosis and testing

•     Installation of new air conditioner

•     Air conditioning maintenance

•     Residential air conditioner service

•     HVAC design, installation and repair

•     Commercial air conditioner service

•     Customary maintenance

•     Refrigerant charge repair

•     Restore the air flow


Install of any New Air Conditioning System in Renton


Why panic when sudden air conditioning repair issues arise? Beacon Plumbing, serving Renton, WA is always ready to serve your air conditioning needs 24×7.

Some of our key strengths include:

•     Timely completion of project

•     Emergency services round the clock

•     Economical and fair charges

•     Licensed, trained and experienced workforce

•     Same day service with quick response

•     Hassle free air conditioner services in Renton, WA

•     Attractive discounts and coupons

•     Leading company in Renton, WA

Stop Freakin…Call Beacon!

To reach our air conditioning experts in Renton, WA, call us at 253.220.6100.

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