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North Seattle Furnace Repair


When old man winter knocks on the door, people depend on their gas or electric furnaces in North Seattle, WA to keep their home as well as work place comfortable and warm.

And, they depend on Beacon Plumbing for furnace repair when their heating systems start acting up!

Since setting up the heating company in 1999, we have worked hard to provide property owners with fast and reliable solutions to all sorts of problems with their electric or gas furnaces.

When you call us for furnace repair services, rest assured that skilled and experienced technicians will be dispatched your way within 90 minutes. 

Our furnace troubleshooting experts come with a service van stocked with all the necessary tools and parts to fix your furnace right, the very first time around. We offer furnace repair services in North Seattle for virtually all electric and gas furnace brands.

Our technicians can handle all types of furnace repair jobs, including for fixing:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Dirty or clogged filters
  • Defective burner
  • Fan problems

Do not panic when your gas or electric furnaces let you down. We restore your winter comfort with prompt and efficient furnace repair service!

Gas Furnaces North Seattle


Use of a convenient and economical fuel has contributed to the increasing popularity of gas furnaces in North Seattle properties.

However, these appliances call for careful installation, service and repair.

Home and business owners whose gas furnaces develop a snag should not settle for just about any neighborhood handyman who claims to know how to fix a furnace that won’t start.

While it is necessary to get the gas furnaces up and running as soon as possible, it is also important to get the furnace repair done by well-trained and experienced professionals.

We are the reliable experts to call for fixing gas furnaces in North Seattle that:

  • Fail to turn on
  • Do not heat efficiently or consistently
  • Make strange sounds while functioning
  • Start consuming excessive fuel
  • Have any other operational issue

Our technicians have in-depth knowledge of the engineering of gas furnaces. You can count on them to get your equipment back to running safely at optimal heating and fuel efficiency.

Electric Furnaces North Seattle


Property owners who use electric furnaces in North Seattle can also turn to us for repair of their heating systems.

We will not let faulty electric furnaces leave their homes or business places without heat for a minute more than what is unavoidable.

Our locally residing technicians reach them quickly and get down immediately to assessing what is wrong with the electric furnace working.

After determining the exact cause of malfunction and the most suitable repair solution, we make sure to fix the electric furnaces of our North Seattle customers diligently, using top-grade replacement parts.

Our goal while repairing electric furnaces is to help their owners enjoy:

  • Excellent heating
  • Minimal energy bills
  • Less breakdowns
  • Great comfort and peace of mind

Beacon Plumbing offers 24 hour furnace repair service in North Seattle. Call (206) 452-3130 to get electric  furnaces and gas furnaces fixed.  We are also available for furnace maintenance service and furnace installation.

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