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Grease Trap Cleaning North Seattle


Grease traps are commonly installed in restaurants and food businesses that run a commercial kitchen. Grease traps are designed to prevent fat, oil, and grease that are released into from entering the pipes that carry water to the sewer.

If grease trap cleaning is not scheduled regularly, they can block pipes, form clogs, or enter the sewage system which may be environmentally damaging. If you own a restaurant, you will need professional grease line pumping and grease interceptor repair services quickly when the need arises. For your grease trap cleaning requirements in North Seattle, WA area, trust Beacon Plumbing to do an expert job.

We offer:

  • Prompt services
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Grease Trap Interceptor Installation
  • Drain Inspection and Repair

Grease traps are highly efficient for keeping drifted fats and oil out of your pipelines but you need to remember, they are not meant for collecting unlimited gallons of liquid. That is why timely grease line pumping becomes extremely important.

Grease Interceptor Repair North Seattle


Lack of grease trap cleaning can also result in the need of frequent grease interceptor repair in your North Seattle business. Prevent health issues, unsightly overflows, and inconvenience to your kitchen staff by paying careful attention to your restaurant grease trap and planning grease trap cleaning depending on the trap size, cooking techniques, seating capacity.

An overloaded grease trap can result in:

  • Noxious odor
  • Backups
  • Clogged drains

To avoid these inconveniences, maintain a regular grease line pumping routine. For grease trap pumping and grease interceptor repair, rely on professionals because they have the right equipment to handle the process.

Grease Line Pumping North Seattle


Buying and maintaining grease-pumping gear and vehicles can turn to be extremely expensive. That is why most businesses depend on professional kitchen maintenance services like us. It makes grease line pumping in North Seattle area a hassle-free task. Call us for grease trap pumping to avoid:

  • Fines
  • Provide a healthy work environment to the kitchen staff
  • Avoid filling lengthy forms

Failing to perform grease interceptor repair and grease line pumping may result in spills from grease trap backed-up. Whenever you feel, there is something wrong with your grease trap system, call us for an inspection to gauge the problem.

For grease trap cleaning services in North Seattle area by Beacon Plumbing, call at (206) 452-1220. We are expert in, grease trap installation, grease interceptor repair and grease line pumping since 1999.