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Leak Detection Pierce County

If you suspect a water or sewer leak in your Pierce County, WA property, lose no time in calling Beacon Plumbing. Our company is the leading source for leak detection services in this area and available round-the-clock to respond to your urgent call for assistance.

Water or sewer leak should be addressed immediately and precise leak detection is the first step towards accurate leak repairs. Since most pipes that could sprout a leak are not visible and hidden underground or within walls, the problem is usually discovered quite long after it starts.

Letting it continue untreated can lead to serious trouble in form of:

  • Structural damage to the building
  • Reduced interior or exterior aesthetic appeal
  • Health hazards from mold growth
  • Decrease in resale value

Minimize your headache by calling us for leak detection in your Pierce County property at the earliest signs of problem.

Find Water Line Pipe Leaks Pierce County

Taking professional help is always option to find water line pipe leaks. It is not easy to pinpoint the very point of leakage. You cannot resort to guesswork and tear out the floor or rip up the wall to find water line pipe leaks in your Pierce County property.

Why destruct or make a mess on your property when our leak detection services are only at a distance of one phone call? We send in rigorously trained, experienced technicians to find water line pipe leaks in your residential or commercial property.

They can detect all types of leakages, whether these are in the:

  • Pool and spa
  • Kitchen sink drain
  • Toilet and other bathroom plumbing fixtures
  • Lawn irrigation system or outdoor water line

You can trust our experts to find water line pipe leaks very quickly and trace the leakage to its exact source.

Sewer Leak Pierce County

Do you believe that your sewer system has sprung a leak and wish to call in our crew to find precisely where the leakage is happening? It is obvious that you have some of the following symptoms of sewer leak in your Pierce County property:

  • Unexplained spike in water bills
  • Backing up, slow moving or gurgling drains
  • Sudden lush growth in a part of lawn
  • Foul-smelling puddles in the yard

Our technicians come in with the most advanced tools and technologies to get sewer leak detection done in a seamless, non-intrusive way. Need to find water line pipe leaks in your Pierce County property? Call Beacon Plumbing. We also provide sewer leak detection services. (253) 655-4599

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