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Grease Trap Cleaning Pierce County

It is essential for commercial as well as residential kitchens to keep the grease traps clean. Regular grease line pumping is one way of assuring this. In case the grease trap is not working properly, you must get the grease interceptor repair done by professionals.

Get in touch with professionals at Beacon Plumbing for grease trap cleaning in Pierce County, WA. Serving with a wide range of services, we recommend homeowners and commercial kitchen owners to get grease trap cleaning done by professionals like us to avoid problems like:

  • Drain clogging
  • Unhygienic kitchen conditions
  • Health issues

Our technicians are well equipped and have the technical knowhow of efficient grease trap cleaning. Using the best methods and products, we ensure that the grease line pumping and grease trap cleaning is done in a professional manner.

Grease Interceptor Repair Pierce County

The grease trap or the grease interceptor is the plumbing device that actually traps the grease and stops it from flowing into the sewer line. If the interceptor is damaged in any way, it will lose its ability to trap the grease.

Rely on us for grease interceptor repair in Pierce County. We have catered to similar requirements for several homeowners and commercial kitchen owners. Trust us to provide grease interceptor repair for the following types of interceptors:

  • Small passive hydromechanical grease interceptors
  • Gravity grease interceptors
  • Automatic grease/oil recovery systems
  • High capacity grease interceptors

The efficiently conducted grease interceptor repair will go a long way in establishing hygienic conditions around the kitchen. Call in experts like us for grease trap cleaning or grease interceptor repair in Pierce County as soon as you notice signs of trouble.

Grease Line Pumping Pierce County

Timely grease line pumping is essential to ensure that the collected grease, fats and oil are disposed off. Allowing the FOGs to stay in the grease tank will only lead to foul odor and unhygienic conditions. Call for experts when it is time to get grease line pumping.

Place a call to us for grease line pumping in Pierce County. We are well versed with the various types of grease trap interceptors and the method of grease line pumping them. Trust us to complete the job:

  • Safely
  • As per the regulations
  • Within the stipulated time
  • In a hassle free manner

Schedule the grease line pumping service if it is due. You can schedule the services earlier if you find the grease tank full. Call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599 for efficient grease trap cleaning services in Pierce County.

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