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Is Your Pierce County Home Electrical Panel Out-of-Date?

If you are planning a home addition or simply require more outlets to meet the electrical demands of your home, do not forget that you need an electrical panel upgrade in your Pierce County, WA home. This upgrade is essential to:

  • Meeting your new electrical needs
  • Giving your home the power required to function
  • Preventing your costly appliances from frying out

Whether you are looking for an electrical panel upgrade service or a circuit breaker panel inspection, call Beacon Plumbing and book an appointment. Our licensed electricians will analyze your needs and determine the best solutions.

We can not only help you with an electrical panel upgrade in Pierce County, but can also help you add more outlets so that you can use more electrical devices and appliances without having to worry about the safety of your residential electrical system.

What are the Benefits of a Circuit Breaker Panel?

Many older houses have e fuse boxes instead of a circuit breaker panel. These fuse boxes are not designed to meet the modern electrical demands. There are many benefits of a circuit breaker panel over a fuse panel. A circuit breaker panel in Pierce County homes can:

  • Be reset if it decides to trip
  • Easily be expanded to add new circuits
  • Safely incorporate 120- and 140- volt circuits

If you are planning on upgrading your fuse box to a circuit breaker panel in Pierce County or its nearby area, let us help. Replacing a fuse box with a circuit breaker panel is a job best left to the professionals.

Why Call Us For an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Pierce County?

Electrical service panel upgrades are not the first thing that people consider when remodeling their homes. After all, it is more exciting to think of updating the kitchen and adding a room. An outdated electrical service panel can be very dangerous for your home and your family. That is why it is important to get an upgrade as soon as possible.

When you need an electrical panel upgrade for your Pierce County home, rely on our electricians for an excellent service. We offer:

  • Fast, friendly services
  • Quality upgrades at fair pricing
  • Fantastic customer service

No matter how big or small the job, our electricians have the training, knowledge and equipment to do it right, the first time. Feel free to call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599 to know more about our electrical panel upgrade services for Pierce County homes.

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