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Home Generators in Auburn


Home generators in Auburn, WA area homes are the best way to prevent a family from experiencing the inconveniences of power outages. But choosing the right one for the size of your home can be difficult. Beacon Plumbing is the area’s first choice for home generators. Give them a call and let them help you choose the right one for your home and family.

When you lose power due to bad weather, you realize why home generators are a necessity to keep your family safe and warm. Until power is restored home generators provide light, heat, and electricity.

Our trained technicians help homeowners with all aspects of home generators. They help you:

  • Select the right sized generator
  • Decide on fuel type
  • Determine if permits are required

Installation Auburn


Auburn area residents and business owners go through each day expecting lights to turn on and everything requiring electricity to work. But even the most prepared can be caught short when the power goes out. Do not let that happen to your business.

The installation of a generator for your business or home will allow you to continue the daily routines and tasks easily. With a team of skilled technicians, we install generators professionally and quickly with no disruption to your day. Property owners can count on us to keep their power system up and running.

We are the company area residents choose because of our:

  • Quick response
  • Easy scheduling service
  • Competitive pricing

Generator Auburn


When the power goes out, you want to be among the residents that have installed a generator in Auburn and the surrounding area. But if you have not installed a generator who do you contact? Give us a call!

We are a family owned, BBB accredited business that will help you decide on the right generator for your particular property and daily use. Generators are available in different capacities. The most important factor when installing a generator is how much electricity it can produce.

You can choose to install a permanent generator unit that creates electricity for your entire house so that when it kicks on, it feels as if there is no difference between your home with typical power and your home with backup power. Or you can decide that only a few appliances and heat are all you need. Let us help you make the right decision about your generator. We help you choose:

  • The right sized generator
  • Where to place the generator
  • Whether it should be portable or permanent

In the Auburn area call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 289-3727 and learn more about the installation of a generator.

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