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Kent Water Filtration

water-filtration- kent-waWhile using water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes and much more, the residents of Kent, WA need water filtration systems to keep their ‘hard’, chemical-laden water safe and convenient to use.

At Beacon Plumbing, we strive to take care of every possible water filtration need of our Kent customers. Since 1999, we have been serving the community with water system installation & repair for all types of water filtration systems. Additionally we can also take care of your:

Besides water system installation & repair, we also offer regular maintenance services to keep water filtration systems free from sediments and working well. Kent residents can use our services for residential water filtration systems as well as commercial water filtration systems.

Kent Water System Installation, Service or Repair

water-system-installation-repair-kent-waApart from getting quality water filtration systems, Kent residents should also ensure that they get their water system installation & repair and water filtration system servicing from an experienced professional.

Improper water system installation & repair can lead to water wastage, high water bills, leakages, and even affect the plumbing and sewer systems. For the people of Kent who use well water, incorrect water system installation & repair can damage the well pumps.

We offer our expert services to take the stress out of water system installation & repair. With us, our Kent customers are assured of

  • Promptly scheduled water system installation & repair
  • Water system installation & repair done with meticulous attention to detail
  • Neat and hassle-free water system installation & repair
  • Reliable water system installation & repair

Kent Water Purification, Treatment or Well Pump Service & Installation

well-pumps-kent-waSome properties in Kent depend on the well water. To make sure their routine water needs are fulfilled without any hassle, it is important that they have top-notch well pumps that work at optimal efficiency at all times.

We can help ensure that through our services for

  • Installation of well pumps
  • Repair of defective well pumps
  • Maintenance of well pumps

We work on all types of well pumps, including shallow & deep well pumps, centrifugal & submersible well pumps, and mechanical & electronic well pumps. Kent residents can also hire the services of our water system installation & repair technicians for well water treatment and purification.

Kent residents looking for water filtration experts for water system installation & repair and for installation & services of their well pumps can call Beacon Plumbing to speak with their local Kent plumber at (206) 452-3130


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