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Urinal Repair Sammamish


Whether in homes or in public places, urinals need to be well maintained so that there is no inconvenience. Call in the experts in case there are plumbing woes or problems pertaining to the urinals. Thorough urinal inspection and repair will ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

You must choose a company for urinal repair that is proficient with all types of urinals including waterless urinals and trough urinals. While the type of urinal can be different, the problems with the urinals can be the same which calls for professional help. Lack of maintenance of urinals needs urinal repair which can be due to:

  • Clogging of drain
  • Leakage in pipe
  • Cracks in bowl

In addition, malfunctioning of handle of manual flushing or sensors of automatic flushing systems also calls for urinal repair.

Beacon Plumbing offers its most efficient urinal repair services to Sammamish, WA residents. We provide our specialized services for urinal repairs at the most affordable price.

Urinals Sammamish


Commercial establishments use urinals that require minimal maintenance. Despite using the best quality urinals and providing adequate maintenance, the urinals get clogged and need repair. Taking the help of professionals is recommended as they are well equipped and expert in their job.

We have been offering all services related to urinals in Sammamish since a long time now. Rely on us for efficient new installation and repair. We are one of the finest companies serving your area since 1999. With years of experience at our disposal, we know how to tackle any urinal related issue.

For new urinal installations, choose from:

  • Manual handle flush
  • Automatic and timed flush
  • Waterless flush

We have a team of skilled and licensed plumbers that offers 24x7 services at most cost effective charges. We are considered amongst the most reliable companies for repair and new urinal installation in Sammamish.

New Urinal Installation Sammamish


New urinal installation requires complete knowledge of technology required for the job. We take pride for having experienced and talented plumbers. They have acquired perfection in new urinal installations of all types such as waterless, street or unisex urinals.

Our talented plumbers accomplish their assignments of new urinal installation in Sammamish by:

  • Following work norms
  • Never compromising on quality
  • Adhering to committed time

Our unmatched 24x7 customer care and cost effectiveness are the hallmark features of our working.

Reach Beacon Plumbing at (206) 452-3130 when you are looking for professionals to install, repair or replace urinals in your Sammamish commercial building.