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Air Conditioning Sammamish


Beacon Plumbing has been helping the residential and commercial community of Sammamish, WA, since its establishment in 1999. We at Beacon Plumbing provide expert air conditioning repair and maintenance services. Quick and reliable service is what makes us highly acknowledged in Sammamish, WA.

We have been serving the community with new air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services for the last 13 years. We specialize in residential and commercial air conditioning repair services for your home and office.

Our courteous and reliable 65 full time employees are certified and experienced to execute installation and cleaning of air conditioners, ducts and air filters.


Local Air Conditioner Repair in Sammamish


There has been significant advancement in air conditioning systems over the years. Such improvements have given attention to two main objectives – energy efficiency together with improving the indoor air quality and comfort. The indoor air quality has improved with quieter cooling equipment which keep more even temperatures all throughout your home and office.

Air purifying systems offer cleaner air for breathing in addition to helping safeguard you from different airborne pathogens. An assortment of these systems perform all this more effectively than their predecessors with enhanced efficiency cool transfer or diminished electrical consumption. Regular repair and maintenance also ensures proper functionality and a long life span for your air conditioning system.

Our air conditioning services include:

•     Refrigerant charge repair

•     Repair of air duct leaks

•     Air conditioning maintenance

•     Repair of compressor

•     Residential air conditioner service

•     Restore the air flow

•     Onsite testing and diagnosis

•     Replace the air conditioner

•     Installation of new air conditioner

•     Unclogging the air filter

•     HVAC design, installation and repair

•     Commercial air conditioner service

•     Customary maintenance


Install of any New Air Conditioning System in Sammamish


Beacon Plumbing works very hard and employs only skilled and professional air conditioning maintenance and repair technicians who are insured and licensed. All of our mechanics and professionals undergo ongoing training programs.

Some of our key strengths include:

•     24×7 services in Sammamish, WA

•     Committed to continuous improvement

•     Absolute customer satisfaction

•     Free residential air conditioning inspection in Sammamish, WA

•     Leading air conditioning contractor in Sammamish, WA

•     Established association with contractors and general clients

Stop Freakin…Call Beacon!

To reach our air conditioning experts in Sammamish, WA, call us at 425.679.9500.

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