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Urinal Repair Olympia


Urinals are plumbing fixtures for urination that exist in different heights for children to adults. For disabled person, separate urinals are installed.

Usually urinals are wall mounted, with manual or automatic flushing systems. Public urinals tend to smell due to bacterial growth in uric sludge. Also, clogging takes place in drain pipes due to deposition of lime scale build up caused by uric acid crystals.

Deposition of chewing gums, cigarette butts and discarded debris in drain pipe can cause further deteriorate functioning of urinals. Such conditions need services of efficient plumbers for urinal repairs.

Beacon Plumbing offers high quality urinal repair services to Olympia, WA residents. We have a team of trained plumbers for urinal repair who work round the clock:

  • Efficiently
  • Precisely
  • In time and budget

In addition, leakage and malfunctioning of handle for flushing or failure of sensors of automatic flushing systems of urinals also warrant urinal repairs.

Due to our impeccable 24×7 customer services at affordable charges, we are considered amongst the most trustworthy companies.

Urinals Olympia


Mostly, urinals are installed with bowl made up of ceramic or steel, a drain pipe and a flushing system. The flushing systems in urinals could be:

  • Automatic with sensors
  • Manual handle flush
  • Timed flush

Nowadays, waterless urinals are gaining popularity as urine collected can be recycled and used as fertilizer. The urinals in restaurants, pubs and bars are usually most stinky. In most urinals, blocks or cakes of urinal deodorizers are used to mask pungent smell.

Among commonly encountered problems with urinals are clogging, leakage, low water pressure of flush, consistent water flow and odd noises indicate need for urinal repair.

We are having a team of efficient and licensed plumbers that offers 24×7 services for new urinal installation at most cost effective charges for Olympia residents.

New Urinal Installation Olympia


New urinal installation requires complete knowledge of technology and skill for the job. Accordingly, one should always hire trustworthy company for new urinal installation in Olympia.

We have experienced plumbers who have mastered perfection in new urinal installation. Our talented plumbers accomplish their assignments of new urinal installation in Olympia by:

  • Adhering to work ethics
  • Maintaining quality workmanship
  • On time completion

Our 24×7 customer care and cost effectiveness has placed us amongst the most reliable plumbing companies.

If you plan to hire us for urinal repair or new urinal installation at Olympia, reach us, Beacon Plumbing at (360) 515-7075.

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