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Home Rewiring Olympia


Rewiring the electrical lines of your home can be the right choice sometimes. For instance when you are planning to add new rooms or are upgrading the existing electric system. For this, you can get in touch with us at Beacon Plumbing and hire our home rewiring services available in the Olympia, WA area. We also offer knob & tube rewire services in the region. So, we suggest you give us a call whenever you want to rewire home.

Some of the common signs that might suggest that you need to rewire home are when the power sockets get hot while using. The other can be frequent electric short circuits or sparks. Some of these problems can also occur when the knob & tube rewire has not been done in many years.

Below are a few reasons why you may need home rewiring for your Olympia property.

  • The fuses blow our regularly
  • Power sockets become hot while using
  • Low or bad lighting due to lack of fixtures

Rewire Home Olympia


When you get in touch with our home rewiring team, they offer you quick assistance. Whether you need a complete knob & tube rewire service or one for a specific area, it can all be done by our electricians easily. This is the biggest reason why customers always give us a call when they need to rewire home.

For home rewiring services, we offer guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. The electricians we send to rewire home are always certified and licensed. If you have made up your mind about getting knob & tube rewire job done, then give us a call today.

Here is why you should hire us to rewire home near Olympia.

  • We offer quick response
  • Are licensed electricians
  • Guarantee 100% satisfaction

Olympia Knob & Tube Rewire


Knob & tube rewire is much-needed these days because it is a wiring system that dates many decades back. In such cases, getting home rewiring done is ideal since these electrical wires can become brittle and break in the middle. When our contractors visit you to rewire home, they check the condition of your wiring thoroughly and give you a service estimate as well. Overall choosing us for your rewiring nice is the best choice.

Getting knob & tube rewire done in your Olympia property is recommended because:-

  • They can become brittle
  • Can interrupt the power supply
  • Can make it difficult to get insurance

You can now hire our professional electricians to home rewiring in Olympia anytime. Just get in touch with us at Beacon Plumbing on (360) 515-7075 for more information.

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