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Urinal Repair Kirkland


In any facility, plumbing fixtures which are used most often are urinals and toilets. Be it at home or a public building, a broken urinal will need immediate attention for effective use. Continuous use coupled with other issues can lead to the need of urinal repair in your Kirkland, WA area commercial property.

Beacon Plumbing is the toilet plumbing, repair, and new urinal installation experts in Kirkland area. Call us to if you notice any of the problems with your urinals:

  • Leaking tanks
  • Obstructions causing clogs
  • Cracked urinals
  • Low flush pressure

A specialized urinal repair professional will visit your property, and will take care of urinal problems safely and effectively.

Urinals Kirkland


Any sanitary plumbing installations like toilets and urinals in your Kirkland area property will need correct placement, stability and a tight seal for efficiency. Call us for new urinal installation and urinal repair or to replace urinals.

Our expert plumbers can handle trough urinals, bowl urinals, waterless urinals, stainless steel urinals and others. Waterless urinals are becoming increasingly popular in bars and pubs, restaurants and other places as they:

  • Save water
  • Do not need repair of urinal flush systems
  • Do not flood
  • Reduce occurrences of waste pipe blocks

If you are facing problems with leaking or noisy urinals, running water, slow-filling, do not ignore it. Get quick help by calling us. We are the experts in handling commercial urinals since 1999.

New Urinal Installation Kirkland


A new urinal installation is not as easy; and if not installed correctly, several problems can arise leading to huge future expenses. Plumbing lines, which are leading to and from the toilet, are required to be aligned and connected properly or else you may have to deal with serious leaks causing serious structural damages.

Do not take the headache of a new urinal installation in Kirkland area when you have experienced professionals to help you out. Our trained plumbers:

  • Are highly skilled
  • Provide affordable services
  • Offer 24-hour emergency plumbing service
  • Toilet plumbing inspections

Whether it is a wall hung toilet, in wall concealed toilet, inefficient urinal system that is taking up too much water, we can handle all kinds of urinal repair jobs for you.

For urinal repair services in the Kirkland area by Beacon Plumbing reach us at 206-452-3130. Require wall hung or trough new urinal installation in your property? We offer 24/7 services to commercial businesses owners. Get $50 off coupons online!

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