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Home Generators Kirkland


Do not take chances with the comfort of your loved ones; ensure uninterrupted power supply for your home in the Kirkland, WA area by installing home generators! Home generators are the only way you can have real peace of mind during power outages.

Hire the expert technicians at Beacon Plumbing for home generator installation and make sure that your family gets proper power backup whenever the power grid goes down in your area. It's important, though, to keep in mind the professional installation of a home generator is the key to peace of mind.

Our company offers expert installation services for home generators to Kirkland residents. We work closely with our customers during their generator installation project, from start to finish. Those who reach out to us when they need home generators installed in their home can count on us to:

  • Help them pick the right-sized generator for their power needs
  • Zero in on the best location for generator installation
  • Install the generator in full compliance with local codes

Installation Kirkland


At our company, we are more than the company you trust to install the generator for your home or business. We are your partners, ensuring your business and its employees are comfortable and able to continue working, keeping the doors open to help your customers.

Our staff is skilled technicians with years of experience installing generators. They will help you:

  • Assess your energy needs.
  • With site selection and preparation
  • Decisions on the type of fuel for your generator

Our services for home and business generators are available in the Kirkland area for units of different makes, types, and sizes.

Generator Kirkland


We specialize in generator installations. Kirkland area business owners and homeowners who want to invest in this industry-leading product, or who already own a generator, can give us a call. The advantages that we offer to all those who come to us for installation services for a generator in the Kirkland area include:

  • Personalized and courteous attention
  • Trained and experienced technicians
  • Superior, stress-free services
  • Competitive prices

The unmatched excellence with which we meet generator needs in Kirkland remains unmatched. Our years of experience, our dedication to customer service and being licensed, bonded and insured give you the confidence you want in the company that installs your generator.

Call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1932 to learn about our generator prices and discover more about our services for home generators in the Kirkland area.