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Leak Detection Federal Way

leak-detection-federal-way-waA minor water or sewer leak can quickly turn into a major hassle and cause much damage to a Federal Way, WA area home or commercial place. It is advisable to attend to water or sewer leak without delay.

However severe the leaks are, the services of a local leak detection company are necessary to find water line pipe leaks. Leak detection is quite complex, especially when one has to find water line pipe leaks that are hidden.

Federal Way residents who suspect water or sewer leak on their property and need reliable leak detection services should give Beacon Plumbing a call. We have been meeting the community’s water and sewer leak detection needs since 1999 and have acquired a reputation across Federal Way for

  • Speedy and precise leak detection
  • Smooth and hassle-free leak detection
  • Affordable leak detection services


Find Water Line Pipe Leaks Federal Way

find-water-line-pipe-leaks-federal-way-waGuesswork cannot find water line pipe leaks! Knowing this, we employ several tried-and-tested techniques to find water line pipe leaks in Federal Way properties. Our leak detection technologies find water line pipe leaks in pipes that are buried deep down even when the surface appears dry. We work diligently to trace the decreased water pressure and find water line pipe leaks that caused it.

The residents of Federal Way who call us in for leak detection can rely on us to find water line pipe leaks fast and stop the

  • Spreading of leakage
  • Water wastage and inflated utility bills
  • Water damage to the property

We work discreetly to find water line pipe leaks with minimal inconvenience to clients and make sure their Federal Way properties are not damaged while we find water line pipe leaks.


24×7 Sewer Leak Detection in Federal Way

sewer-leak-federal-way-waSewer leak can occur when the sewer pipes get damaged due to reasons such as

  • Corrosion
  • Aging
  • Root growth
  • Excessive clogging

Foul odor in the surroundings and slow-moving drains are some signs indicating a sewer leak on a Federal Way property. Property owners should call in our sewer leak detection company immediately.

We understand that a sewer leak that had gone undetected can come to the fore any time and create havoc in a Federal Way home or business place. So, we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency sewer leak detection services.

Trust Beacon Plumbing to find water line pipe leaks on your Federal Way property. Call us at (206) 452-3130 for water or sewer leak detection.

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