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Grease Trap Cleaning Federal Way


Backing up sewers is a serious problem with severely damaging consequences, especially in commercial properties. The issue causes not just a lot of inconvenience but can result in business loss. The best way to minimize sewage back up is by preventing overloading of the grease interceptor/trap and ensuring on-schedule grease trap cleaning or grease line pumping.

The frequency with which grease trap cleaning in different Federal Way, WA properties should be done depends on the:

  • Volume of business
  • The type of food prepared
  • Size of grease trap system

The thing that remains unchanged is that grease line pumping and cleaning must be entrusted to trained professionals. When it comes to grease trap cleaning in Federal Way, Beacon Plumbing is the name to rely on. A plumbing contractor in business since 1999, we have established ourselves as one of the leading grease trap service providers in this region.

Grease Interceptor Repair Federal Way


Besides grease trap cleaning, we also handle grease trap installation and grease interceptor repair jobs. Our technicians are trained at fixing all types of big and small problems with grease traps.

A broken grease trap is not something to be ignored and it is not something towards which you can take a DIY approach. You have to get a broken grease trap system fixed without any delay by proven pros like us.

We have locally residing technicians to handle grease interceptor repair jobs in Federal Way. Our company offer 24/7 services to take care of any grease trap emergency. With us, you rest assured about having your grease interceptor repair needs met:

  • As soon as possible
  • With lasting solutions
  • In a cost-effective manner

Grease Line Pumping Federal Way


Proper grease interceptor maintenance is the key to minimizing your grease interceptor repair requirements. Businesses in the food service industry that produce a lot of waste grease are legally required to install grease traps. They also need to get the grease line pumping done regularly to pre-empt and prevent clogged grease traps.

We offer grease line pumping services in Federal Way to facilitate efficient waste disposal in commercial kitchens. Our company has extensive experience in grease trap cleaning and maintains state-of-the-art vacuum trucks for performing grease line pumping. We know how to get grease trap cleaning and pumping done:

  • Thoroughly
  • Safely
  • Neatly and professionally

Dial 206-452-1220 to call the experts at Beacon Plumbing for grease line pumping or grease interceptor repair services in the Federal Way area.

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