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Septic Pump Repair Western Washington


Many homes which are not connected to the city sewers maintain a dedicated septic tank to manage their wastewater. Just like any other piece of machinery, the septic pump can fail any time and you may need septic pump repair in the Western Washington, WA area.

Call Beacon Plumbing for expert septic pump repair and sewer pump replacement in your residential or commercial property. Install a septic sewer pump alarm in your property to save it from the consequences of messy backups and hindrance of sewage disposal.

We have been providing dependable septic pump repair services to Western Washington area residents since 1999. We,

  • Schedule pump repair promptly
  • Get repairs done accurately
  • Provide affordable services

Our professionals evaluate problems quickly and provide speedy septic pump repair solutions.

Septic Sewer Pump Alarm Western Washington


A septic sewer pump alarm installed in your Western Washington area home warns you of an impending septic system problem. In case of a defective pump, a septic sewer pump alarm will caution you on time when the water level in the tank rises beyond a certain point.

The septic sewer pump alarm may ring due to various issues which may need septic pump repair services.

  • Float switch issue
  • Failed septic pump
  • Check valve problem

So, do not take it lightly when the septic sewer pump alarm sounds. Delaying the issue may lead to wastewater and sewage backup in the basement, toilets, and drains. Not maintaining the sewer pump can even lead to the requirement of a sewer pump replacement in your property!

Western Washington Sewer Pump Replacement


A sewer pump replacement may be needed in your Western Washington area property if your existing pump is several years old and showing signs of failing. A sewer pump failure may damage the septic system itself. To avoid expensive replacements call for timely septic pump repair solutions.

In case you are moving to an older home check the need for a sewer pump replacement if the existing pump is not efficient enough. These are some of the signs which tell you that you may need a sewer pump replacement.

  • Sewage smells
  • Pit not emptying
  • Pump running continuously

When our plumbers arrive, they can inspect your pump and tell you whether it needs repair services or is a sewer pump replacement the best option. Need septic pump repair in the Western Washington area? To reach Beacon Plumbing dial (206) 452-1220. Call us for septic sewer pump alarm installation or for sewer pump replacement services whenever you require it.

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