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Western Washington Electrician - Home Electrical Installation and Repair


Services of efficient electricians play a critical role in ensuring smooth running of a household. As a homeowner, your encounter with electrical contractors is not over with getting the electrical system installed in your new construction.

There are a number of occasions later on that call for a visit by the electrician to your Western Washington, WA home.

You would need an electrician from time to time for:

  • Electrical troubleshooting and repairs
  • Upgrading/replacing electrical fittings
  • Making electrical installations in home additions
  • Conducting code inspections
  • Doing electrical work for home remodel projects

Place a call to Beacon Plumbing every time you have a job for the electrician in your Western Washington home. Your home electrical system is too important and expensive to be trusted to just any of the electrical contractors in your area. Hire our electrician to be sure of correct electrical installations and repairs.

Electricians Western Washington Professional Licensed & Available 24/7


Our company employs licensed electricians with long experience in doing all types of household electrical work. With our electrician, you have the peace of mind that your electrical project will be handled with due diligence, precision and professionalism.

No job is too big and unmanageable or too small and insignificant for our electricians. We welcome all the business we get as electrical contractors and strive to grow it by ensuring that our electricians consistently provide Western Washington residents with high-quality services. Each electrician employed by us is fully trained to do accurate and code-complaint work.

We also make sure our electricians are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Electrical failures can happen anytime but you need not worry because our electricians are at hand to tackle the emergency:

  • Promptly
  • Effectively
  • Comprehensively
  • Safely

Western Washington Electrical Contractors You Can Rely On


Homeowners who pick us ahead of the other electrical contractors that serve Western Washington rely on us to protect their investment and keep their family safe.

We respect the trust of our customers and go all out to ensure that they have an efficient and safe electrical system in their home. We take care to have our electricians update their capabilities through on-going education.

Choose us as your electrical contractors and look forward to being served by an electrician who:

  • Has exceptional skills
  • Is clean-cut and honest
  • Works at competitive rates

Beacon Plumbing is the one-stop shop for all your needs for domestic electricians in Western Washington. Call (206) 452-1932 to schedule a visit by our electrician to your home.