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Septic Pump Repair South Hill


The septic system installed on your property needs its sewer/septic pump in top working condition at all times. An inefficient or failed septic pump will soon result in an overflowing tank and have the sewage backing up the drains and toilets in the property.

The good news for home and business owners with such septic system issues is that Beacon Plumbing is here round-the-clock to provide septic pump repair services in South Hill, WA. We realize that waiting long for the septic pump repair experts is not an option as stalling of the septic system can create stinky, messy, unhygienic conditions on the property within no time.

That is why we go all out to ensure that our septic pump repair experts:

  • Reach the jobsite in the shortest time possible
  • Work diligently
  • Use quality replacement parts
  • Deliver lasting solutions

Call now to schedule your septic pump repair job in South Hill.

Septic Sewer Pump Alarm South Hill


You must get a septic sewer pump alarm installed in your septic system if you want to receive early warning about the budding issues with the sewer pump. This septic tank alarm is programmed to go off when the pump stops working efficiently and, consequently, the water level in the septic tank rises too high.

A functional and reliable septic sewer pump alarm is essential for you to get timely notice of impending septic pump repair needs. We can help ensure that your septic system is equipped with such a septic sewer pump alarm. Our company offers comprehensive septic sewer pump alarm services in South Hill and can come in to:

  • Install septic alarm in the system
  • Repair a defective high water alarm
  • Replace a badly broken septic sewer pump alarm

South Hill Sewer Pump Replacement


The septic services offered by us also include sewer pump replacement. While we do our best to fix broken pumps that we are called to work on, we recommend sewer pump replacement in case the pump is damage beyond repair.

Being an ethical, family owned and operated business, we assure our customers of honest, unbiased advice for sewer pump replacement in their South Hill properties. Home and business owners can also rely on us for sewer pump replacement services that combine the best in:

  • Products
  • Workmanship
  • Pricing
  • Customer service

Looking for competent professionals for sewer pump replacement or repair in South Hill? Need a septic tank alarm system installed? Call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599.

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