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Furnace Replacement South Hill


The furnace installed in your home is an important investment as it keeps you warm and your home comfortable during the winter months. However, keeping it in the righteous condition is essential for its smooth working and operational efficiency. Regular inspection and timely repair is essential for the upkeep of the furnace. In case your furnace is more than 12 years old, you must think of replacing it.

Take the help of Beacon Plumbing for furnace replacement service in South Hill, WA. Being reliable and experienced heating contractors, we will give you the best recommendations regarding electric or gas furnace replacement.

Some signs that indicate that you need to replace electric furnace are as follows:

  • Thermostat not fully functional
  • Frequent repairs in the past 2 years
  • Energy bills going up
  • Strange noises

Our skilled and trained technicians are well versed with gas and electric furnaces. You can trust them with proper furnace inspection, repair and electric or gas furnace replacement.

Gas Furnace Replacement South Hill


If your furnace is powered by natural gas or propane then you must watch out for a yellow flickering flame. This is the sign of carbon monoxide emission and it is dangerous. The emission of this poisonous gas can be detrimental for your health and that of your family and requires gas furnace replacement.

Call us for immediate gas furnace replacement in South Hill when you notice the following other signs of carbon monoxide emission in your home:

  • Excess moisture on walls, windows and other surfaces
  • Increased rusting on pipe connections
  • Streaks of soot around the furnace
  • Water leaking from the base of the vent

Rely on our experienced technicians for assessing the situation and its complexity. They would suggest gas furnace replacement if the situation is actually critical and repairs would not suffice.

South Hill Replace Electric Furnace


Electric furnaces are better than gas powered furnaces in many respects, durability being the most important. However, you will have to replace electric furnace in your South Hill home if you do not take good care of it. Regular maintenance will prevent the requirement to replace electric furnace and you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Still if you need to replace electric furnace in your South Hill home, trust us. We will provide the services using the best of the following:

  • Latest equipment
  • Advanced techniques
  • Skilled workforce

Call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599 for any services to replace electric furnace in South Hill.

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