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Septic Pump Repair Granite Falls


A large population depends on septic tanks for flushing out the waste from the house and therefore, in case of any issues with the tank, septic pump repair must be taken immediately. For a septic pump that is not working properly, it becomes an emergency to call plumbers for your septic pump repair.

If the septic pump repair is not done timely, your basement can be flooded leading to the damage of your assets stored in the basement.

Beacon Plumbing provides septic pump repair services for Granite Falls, WA residents. We have professionals that are experts in all types of plumbing work. They can efficiently handle the following problems regarding septic pump repair in Granite Falls:

  • Frozen or clogged discharge pipe
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Overwhelmed pump
  • Improper installation
  • A stuck switch

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Septic Sewer Pump Alarm Granite Falls


Septic sewer pump alarm is an essential part of a septic pump tank. The main purpose of septic sewer pump is to pump out the waste water from the septic tank. When the pump stops working, the septic sewer pump alarm goes off that leads to gallons of waste water entering your basement.

When you hear the alarm buzzing, it is time to call a plumbing service to repair the septic sewer pump alarm. The common causes that leads to the damage of septic sewer pump alarm are:

  • Pump is not getting power
  • The pump is very old (ten years or so)
  • Waste water is coming with more speed than being pumped out
  • False alarm
  • Leakage in the septic tank

Rely on us for any septic sewer pump alarm repairs in Granite Falls.

Sewer Pump Replacement


Just like other places, clogged drains or plumbing fixtures can become problematic. Sewer pump replacement becomes essential when the toilet water or anything to be drained in the house does not flow correctly to the sewer line.

We use premium quality ejector pumps to ensure the proper flow of waste water and while hiring us for sewer pump replacement in Granite Falls, be assured of the following things:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Years of experience
  • Good quality pumps
  • Efficient workers
  • Good services

We have successfully provided sewer pump replacement services for our Granite Falls clients.

Reach Beacon Plumbing at (206) 452-1220 for any sewer pump replacement or septic sewer pump alarm repair services in Granite Falls.