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Plumbing Repipe University District

plumbing-repipe-university-district-waHave an older home? Concerned about the piping? You should be. Pipes rust, corrode, decay and, eventually, leak or break. Below are some signs you should consider a plumbing repipe:

  • Your pipes are past their lifespan
  • Pipes leak very frequently
  • You have lead or polybutylene pipes
  • Water is brown or yellow colored

We are plumbing repipe experts serving University District, WA homes and businesses. At Beacon Plumbing, we offer prompt, professional plumbing repipe services. A plumbing repipe will eliminate discolored water and provide an excellent water pressure. Call us today for your free plumbing repipe estimate.

Pex or Copper Repiping University District

pex-or-copper-repiping-university-district-waPEX or copper repiping both have amazing advantages. It is no wonder property owners have a hard time deciding whether to choose PEX or copper repiping. After all, both offer corrosion resistance and eliminate metallic tastes from water. We can help you decide whether you should choose pex or copper repiping for your University District home or office.

You can also count on us to get the pex or copper repiping job done to the highest workmanship standards. With pex or copper repiping, residents of University District can:

  • Improve property value
  • Prevent future plumbing disasters
  • Enjoy security and peace of mind

Galvanized Pipe Replacement in University District

galvanized-pipe-replacement-university-district-waGalvanized steel pipes are covered with a protective coating of zinc that significantly reduces their tendency to corrode and improves their lifespan.

Galvanized steel pipes are not frequently used for water lines because the water minerals tend to react with the galvanizing material and form scale, which builds up over time and causes the pipe to clog.

  • Still have galvanized piping in your house?
  • Is low water pressure causing problems?
  • Do you long to take a nice shower?

Galvanized piping can cause a number of problems in your property. That is why we offer galvanized pipe replacement to provide the delivery of water you desire. We have successfully provided galvanized pipe replacement to many clients.

There are various options for your galvanized pipe replacement, yet the most popular is pex or copper repiping. Our technicians will assess your home or commercial building to determine which piping is the best option for you.

We truly are experts when it comes to galvanized pipe replacement in the University District area. By using the latest equipment and methods, we can complete the galvanized pipe replacement job with as minimal disruption as possible.

To know more, or to schedule a galvanized pipe replacement service in the University District area, please call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-3130 today.