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Grease Trap Cleaning University District


Grease interceptors or grease traps are common in commercial establishments that are in the food service industry. The role of a grease trap system is to capture the fats and oils in the waste that gets generated during food preparation so that grease buildup does not clog up the sewer pipes.

This purpose will be defeated if grease trap cleaning is not done on a regular basis. There is a limit to the amount of waste that the commercial kitchen or restaurant grease trap system can hold. Lack of timely grease line pumping and grease trap cleaning is bound to result in:

  • Sewage backups into the building
  • Failed health inspections at the establishment
  • Loss of customers, revenue and reputation

Thankfully, Beacon Plumbing is here to make sure this does not happen with you. We offer 24-hour grease trap cleaning services in University District, WA. Schedule a grease line pumping and cleaning job with us for any time that suits your convenience.

Grease Interceptor Repair University District


Our expertise with grease traps and interceptors also includes grease their repair. Typically, grease interceptor is bigger than a grease trap. It is made for handling several grease lines and a larger amount of grease waste flow.

The heavy usage often leads to problems for which professional grease interceptor repair is necessary. We are glad to meet the grease interceptor repair needs of University District businesses. Realizing how important a clean grease interceptor is for the bottom line of a business, we send in technicians who:

  • Have vast experience in doing grease interceptor repair work
  • Come equipped with advanced tools and quality materials
  • Focus on delivering lasting grease interceptor repair solutions

Grease Line Pumping University District


To keep sewer backups at bay, it is important for commercial kitchen owners/managers to know how often they should get grease line pumping done in their University District property. Ideally, grease trap clean out is recommended once a month. However, you may need more frequent grease trap cleaning if your kitchen prepares more than average quantity of food.

Meanwhile, you should also take care to call professionals like us for grease line pumping to keep your University District kitchen working fine. We have trained technicians and powerful equipment to make sure that your grease line pumping job is done:

  • Properly
  • Thoroughly
  • Quickly

Beacon Plumbing is the #1 choice for grease trap cleaning services in the University District area. We also specialize in grease interceptor repair. Reach us at (206) 452-1220.