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Frozen Pipes Lynnwood


Since 1999, Beacon Plumbing has been serving the people of Lynnwood, WA with expert pipe thawing services.

As an experienced plumbing contractor, we appreciate how damaging it can be if frozen pipes in Lynnwood homes or businesses are left unattended. The pipes generally crack and when temperatures get back to normal, the property owner is shocked to find the property flooded, with water bursting out of these pipes.

We also realize that unless frozen pipes in Lynnwood properties are thawed by trained hands, the pipe thawing exercise may lead to injury, plumbing damage or major issues like a fire breakout. We keep everything in mind when receiving calls to thaw frozen water, sewer, septic pipes and do our best to minimize the hassles from frozen pipes for our Lynnwood customers. We:

  • Respond immediately and begin the job ASAP
  • Use proven techniques to thaw a frozen water, sewer, septic pipe
  • Adopt a careful, detail-oriented approach to ensure safe pipe thawing

Thaw Frozen Water, Sewer and Septic Pipe in Lynnwood


While it is advisable to avoid the do-it-yourself approach to dealing with frozen pipes, it is also essential to hire the right professionals to thaw frozen water, sewer, or septic pipes in your Lynnwood home or business place. Allow us to do the job!

We are a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing company, and are also a family owned & operated, customer-centric business. This unique combination means that when you call us to thaw a frozen water, sewer, septic pipe in Lynnwood, you receive services that offer the best in:

  • Workmanship
  • Professionalism
  • Customer service

We know how to thaw a frozen water, sewer, septic pipe on Lynnwood properties in a fast, efficient and incident-free manner. Equally importantly, we also know how to satisfy our customers and forge long-lasting relationships with them.

Residential and Commercial Pipe Thawing Lynnwood


Treating frozen pipes merely as an inconvenience and putting off hiring pipe thawing services can cost Lynnwood residents big. If ignored, the seemingly minor hassles can soon transform into a plumbing disaster.

Calling us ahead of time for pipe thawing helps Lynnwood residential and commercial property owners:

  • Enjoy uninterrupted water flow from your pipes
  • Prevent needless disruption in household work or business
  • Avert bursting of frozen pipes and avoid pipe replacement expenses

Do not invite plumbing miseries that can be easily avoided. Call us to thaw frozen water, sewer, or septic pipes before it is too late.

Lack of proper winterization resulted in frozen pipes? The best solution is to call Beacon Plumbing for pipe thawing services in Lynnwood. Dial 425-329-7875.

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