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Is Your Lynnwood Home Electrical Panel Out-of-Date?


Old, outdated electrical service panels are a major safety hazard. They also make it impossible to use the electrical appliances and gadgets modern homes are equipped with today. Call Beacon Plumbing for an electrical panel upgrade in Lynnwood, WA if you want a home electrical system equipped to meet all your power needs.

It is time for an electrical panel replacement when your home has:

  • A fuse-style panel
  • Corroding circuit breakers
  • Frequent need for extension cords
  • Difficulty running several appliances simultaneously

Call in our knowledgeable and experienced electricians to evaluate whether the panel is indeed outdated. If necessary, our professionals can carry out an electrical panel upgrade to give your Lynnwood home a new circuit breaker panel able to provide the required amount of electricity without overloading the circuits.

What are the Benefits of a Circuit Breaker Panel?


It is no longer feasible for homes to work with fuse-style electric panels. These old technology panels cannot handle the heavy electrical load of present-day households, so we can replace a fuse box with a circuit breaker panel in your Lynnwood home.

The electrical panel upgrade brings you several benefits, like:

  • Ability to use multiple electrical devices at the same time
  • Reduced home insurance premiums
  • Enhanced resale value of the property

Better yet, unlike with fuses, you can restore the electricity flow by simply flipping back the circuit breakers.

We can even replace the circuit breaker panel in your Lynnwood home if you've already upgraded from a fuse box but are having problems with the existing panel. Call us if your circuit breaker keeps tripping or is overheating.

If you want your outlets for big appliances like water heaters, air conditioners, or refrigerators to have dedicated, home run circuit breaker panel wiring, we can install that, too.

Why Call Us For an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Lynnwood?


Our company is the leading source for electrical panel upgrade services in Lynnwood. We have achieved that by providing timely, seamless upgrades at a competitive electrical panel upgrade cost.

We extend such high-quality services on all our electrical projects, whether for:

  • Rewiring electrical panels and breaker boxes
  • Knob to tube re-wiring
  • Hot tub circuits repair
  • Installing dedicated circuits and new circuits
  • Surge protector panel installation
  • Bathroom remodeling electrical service
  • Kitchen remodel wiring & repair

...or any other electrical service!

Keep your family and property protected by calling Beacon Plumbing. We can install a new circuit breaker panel in your Lynnwood home. Call 206-452-1932 today.