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Leaking Water Heater Marysville


A leaking water heater can be a real problem not just because you are not getting enough hot water for your daily requirements, but also because you might be losing lots of water that is simply going down the drain. Whether it is the hot water tank that is leaking or the water heater itself, you need to qualified plumbers to fix the issue at the earliest.

Call Beacon Plumbing to repair leaking water heater in your Marysville, WA home. Unlike many other plumbers that would just try to sell their new water heaters, we first try to repair the leaky water heater. It is only when we assess that the repairs would not be feasible that we suggest replacing the leaking water heater.

Some signs that indicate that your leaking water heater needs attention include:

  • Not enough hot water
  • Water heater is very old
  • Long since any repairs were made

A leaking water heater adds to the utility bills while not fulfilling the hot water requirements. It is better to replace the leaking water heater if the repairs are expensive and extensive. A newer model will be more energy efficient and functional.

Leaky Water Heater Marysville


A leaky water heater definitely means that there is a problem somewhere. However, if noted and taken care of during a reasonable time, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble and major expenses. Get in touch with professionals to take care of your leaky water heater in Marysville.

Count on us for the repair of a leaky water heater in Marysville. From our experience we have seen that the most likely causes of a leaky water heater are:

  • Loose inlet and outlet connections
  • Cracked temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Damaged heater drain valve
  • Corroded hot water tank

We will repair the leaking water heater from wherever the problem has originated and ensure that it is working efficiently.

Marysville Hot Water Tank


The hot water tank when under too much pressure starts to give away at the weakest point and that is usually the valve, if the body of the tank is still intact and not corroded. Instead of trying to inspect the hot water tank DIY, it is better to rely on the experts.

Call us for hot water tank inspection and repair in Marysville as we are thoroughly:

  • Professional
  • Meticulous
  • Experienced

Feel free to call Beacon Plumbing at (206) 452-3130 for any hot water tank or water heater repair services in Marysville.

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