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Grease Trap Cleaning Marysville


As the owner of a commercial eatery or a restaurant, you need to ensure that you get timely and regular grease line pumping to avoid any build up of grease or fat. Clogging of the grease line is usually caused when there is a problem with the grease trap interceptor. Call in professionals for grease interceptor repair and cleaning so that you do not have to face penalties by the authorities.

Count on Beacon Plumbing for any requirements of grease trap cleaning services in Marysville, WA. From our experience we can say that most sewage backups occur due to the inefficient disposal of fat and grease along with untimely grease line pumping.

We recommend you to call us for grease trap cleaning when you notice the following:

  • Slow drainage
  • Foul smell in the kitchen
  • Grease is appearing in other lines

Our technicians, equipped with the latest equipment and knowledge of advanced techniques will provide the grease trap cleaning service with efficiency and professionalism.

Grease Interceptor Repair Marysville


Timely and regular grease trap cleaning mostly avoids any problems with the grease traps. But if this is ignored, chances are that the interceptor would get blocked. You will then have to call professionals for grease interceptor repair, a more expensive affair.

Nevertheless, trust us for grease interceptor repair services in Marysville. Taking professional help for grease interceptor repair is recommended as we are:

  • Very well equipped
  • Know how to dispose the grease
  • Aware of all state codes and regulations

Taking professional help for grease interceptor repair is also beneficial in the sense that they tell you about any other issues that might be plaguing the grease lines. Timely repairs of these lines can avoid temporary closure of your restaurant.

Marysville Grease Line Pumping


Timely scheduled grease trap cleaning and grease line pumping will make sure that the trap is never full. This will help you avoid many problems that occur due to the non-compliance of this basic requirement. Choose a company for grease line pumping in Marysville that is well equipped, experienced and competitively priced.

Count on us for grease line pumping in Marysville and we will schedule the services on the basis of the following:

  • Size of the trap
  • Amount of food cooked
  • Greasiness of the food cooked
  • Dish cleaning practices

If you are looking for an experienced company for grease interceptor repair or grease trap cleaning in Marysville, call Beacon Plumbing at (206) 452-3130.

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